Shangrao Railway Station

Shangrao Railway Station

Shangrao Railway Station (上饶站) is at located Lingxi Street, Xinzhou District of Shangrao City in Jiangxi Province (江西省上饶市信州区灵溪街道), which serves as an important railway junction of the Shanghai – Kunming High Speed Railway and Hefei – Fuzhou High Speed Railway. Also, it serves as an transfer point for those going to Huangshan and Wuyuan (in Jiangxi Province) by high speed train.

  • Station name: Shangrao Railway Station (上饶站)
  • Location: Xinzhou District of Shanghai City, Jiangxi Province (Location on Google Map)
  • Platform number: 7
Shangrao Train Station
Shangrao Railway Station, 上饶站

How to Get to Shangrao Station

There are public buses connecting Shanghao Railway Station with Shangrao City. These bus services include public bus 6, 7, 15, 16, 17 and 19, etc. Also, there are taxi services at the square in front of the station building.

Making a Transfer at Shangrao Station

As Shanghao Railway Station is a railway junction of Shanghai – Kunming HSR and Hefei – Fuzhou HSR, it serves as an important rail hub for travelers to make a transfer here. For expamle a traveler who wants to travel from Shanghai to Huangshan can make a transfer at Shangrao Railway Station if the only one direct train from Shanghai to Huangshan sells out. That means you can travel from Shanghai Hongqiao to Shangrao first, then a connecting train from Shangrao to Huangshan North Station.

How much connection time should I allow for making a transfer: Gennerally speaking, 45 – 60 minutes would be OK to make a transfer. You can exit from the station then rejoint the station to look for your next train or just simplely follow the sign “transfer” which directs you to the right waiting room & platform for your next train. Just see the photo of the transfer sign below.

Transfer sign at Shangrao
Transfer sign (The left one for Shanghai – Kunming HSR Route, the right for Hefei – Fuzhou HSR Route)

Train Schedule from Shangrao

Below are the major train schedules for trains running from Shangrao Railway Station.

1. Schedule for Shanghai – Kunming HSR Route (Shanghai – Hangzhou – Shangrao – Nanchang – Changsha – Guiyang – Kunming)

Shangrao Train Schedule
From Shangrao to Price (RMB) Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type
Shanghai Hongqiao 154/229 2.5 – 3 hrs 43 G,D
Hangzhou East 105/156.5 2 hrs 70 G,D
Nanchang West 74.5/110.5 1h 67 G,D
Changsha South 264 2.5 – 4h 40 G
Guiyang North 542.5 6.5 – 7h 16 G
Kunming South 701 9h 4 G
Huaihua South 401 4.5 – 5.5h 19 G
Guangzhou South 579 5.5 – 6h 6 G
Shenzhen North 378.5 7.5h 1 G
For a live schedule & ticket availability, just refer to

2. Schedule for Hefei – Fuzhou HSR Route (Hefei – Huangshan – Wuyuan – Shangrao – Fuzhou)

Shangrao Train Schedule
From Shangrao to Price (RMB) from Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type
Hefei South 215 2.5h 17 G
Huangshan North 74.5 40 – 50 mins 19 G
Wuyuan 39.5 30 mins 14 G
Wuyishan North/East 36.5/53 20 – 30mins 40 G
Fuzhou 156 1.5 – 2h 40 G
Xiamen 227.5 3.5 – 4h 21 G
Jinjiang 214.5 3.5h 4 G
For a live schedule & ticket availability, just refer to

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