Hong Kong – Nanning by High Speed Train: via Shenzhen & Guangzhou

How to Travel from Hong Kong to Nanning

It is easy to travel from Hong Kong to Nanning in Guangxi or vice verse. You can choose to fly or take a high speed train, which goes through Shenzhen and Guangzhou. This pages explains you the best way to get from Hong Kong to Nanning.

Map of Railways

Hong Kong – Nanning High Speed Train

There are no direct trains (be it high speed train or slow train) running between Hong Kong and Nanning yet. You will have to make a transfer at Shenzhen or Guangzhou.

But starting from 3rd Quarter of 2018 when the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station begins operation, Hong Kong will be jointed into the high speed rail network of China mainland. Then it will be available to travel from Hong Kong to Guangzhou or Shenzhen by high speed train directly. However, whether it will launch direct high speed service between Hong Kong and Nanning still remains unknow.

So before Hong Kong’s high speed rail begin operation, you can travel from Hong Kong to Nanning with the options below:

  • Option 1: Hong Kong – Shenzhen – Nanning by high speed train
  • Option 2: Hong Kong – Shenzhen – Guangzhou – Nanning by high speed train

Option 1: Hong Kong – Nanning via Shenzhen by High Speed Train

This option is the most easy route with just one transfer. Since there are no direct high speed trains linking Hong Kong and Nanning, you can make a transfer at Shenzhen North Station.

From Hong Kong to Nanning via Shenzhen: Take Hong Kong’s MTR service East Rail Line to Lok Ma Chau Station first, then pass the border control and walk into Shenzhen’side at Futian Checkpoint Station, from where you can catch metro line 4 (Longhua Line) to Shenzhen North Station. 3 daily high speed trains leave Shenzhen North and arrive at Nanning East Railway Station, taking 4-4.5 hours, and fares start at CNY 243.5 in a second class seat.

From Nanning to Hong Kong via Shenzhen: Just as above, take one of the three daily bullet trains from Nanning East to Shenzhen North, then metro line 4 to Futian Checkpoint Station and pass the border to reach Lok Ma Chau Station in Hong Kong, then take MTR service to every corner of Hong Kong.

Option 2: Hong Kong – Nanning via Shenzhen & Guangzhou by Bullet Trains

This option 2 makes sense when the direct Shenzhen-Nanning high speed trains sell out. You can make a transfer at Shenzhen North and Guangzhou South (HK – Shenzhen North – Guangzhou- South- Nanning East). It provides you more train options.


Do I need to book train tickets for Hong Kong – Nanning route in advance?

Generally speaking, it is not neccessary to book tickets in advance except travelling on peak seasons such as Chinese publich holidays. In most of the cases, Guangzhou – Nanning, Shenzhen – Nanning train tickets are sufficient. If Shenzhen-Nanning tickets sell out, just do as the option 2 explains.

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