Chengdu-Guilin-Yangshuo by Bullet Train: Schedule & Ticket

How to Travel Chengdu – Guilin – Yangshuo by Train

Chengdu as the capital city of Sichuan Province is about 1430 km from Guilin and Yangshuo in Guangxi Province. Travelers can have two ways to travel between Chengdu and Guilin: by direct flight, or high speed train (high speed train has been launched since January of 2018). But high speed train is the best option.

Trains to or from Guilin & Yangshuo
CRH2A high speed trains to or from Guilin & Yangshuo, D train. (Chengdu-Chongqing-Guiyang-Guilin-Yangshuo-Guangzhou-Shenzhen) Check live train schedule

High speed trains are the best option, which run frequently, fast and on time.

 Be noted: High speed train service between Chengdu, Guilin and Yangshuo have been launched on January 25 of 2018. Now you can check the real train times 

Chengdu-Yangshuo by High Speed Train Book Online

Starting from January 25 of 2018, high speed trains between Chengdu and Yangshuo have been launched.

From Chengdu to Yangshuo by Train: There are 2 daily high speed trains depearting from Chengdu East Station to Yangshuo Train Station, taking 7.5 hours and costing from CNY 371.5 in a second class seat. The high speed train will pass through Chongqing West Station, Guiyang North, and Guilin West Station, and continue to Guangzhou South.

From Yangshuo to Chengdu by train: 4 high speed trains depart from Yangshuo Train Station to Chengdu East Station daily. You can check live train times and ticket availability at

Chengdu – Yangshuo by D type high speed train (2-4 daily)
Train Type From – To Frequency 1st-Last Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
1st Cls 2nd Cls Biz Cls
D1818, D1820 Chengdu East to Yangshuo 2 7h40m 501 371.5
D trains Yangshuo to Chengdu East 4 7h20-7h40 501 371.5
For a live schedule & ticket availability, please refer to

How to Get to West Street from Yangshuo Train Station

After getting out of Yangshuo Train Station, just ture left at station exit to the bus ticket office, where you need to buy bus tickets (CNY20, 45mins)from Yangshuo Railway Station to Yangshuo High Speed Rail Bus Station. Then change to a local public bus (bus 604) to West Street (CNY2, 7mins).

Chengdu-Guilin High Speed Train Book Online

Starting on January 25 of 2018, high speed train service linking Chengdu, Guilin and Yangshuo has been avaiable since the Chongqing-Guiyang section of HSR opens. As the timetable shows, there are 8-10 daily D type high speed trains running from Chengdu to Guilin & 10 trains from Guilin to Chengdu. Journey time is about 7 – 7.5 hours and ticket fare is about CNY351.5 in a second class seat, CNY477 for a first class seat.

These high speed trains depart from or arrive at Chengdu East Train Station in Chengdu, and Guilin Railway Station or Guilin West Train Station in Guilin.

Guillin – Chengdu bullet train
Train Type From – To Frequency Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
1st Cls 2nd Cls Biz Cls
D train Chengdu East to Guilin West 7 daily 7-7.5h 477 351.5
D train Chengdu East to Guilin Station 1 daily 7-7.5h 559 384
D train Guilin West to Chengdu East 9 daily 7-7.5h 477 351.5
D train Guilin Station to Chengdu East 1 daily 7-7.5h 559 384
For a live schedule, buying tickets & check availability, please refer to

How to Buy Train Tickets

The booking opens online 30 days ahead of departure. You can buy tickets at the official if you can read Chinese and have a Chinese bank card. If not, you can use a ticket agent online like, who will help issue you the ticket and deliver your ticket to your hotel. Of course, they will charge you a small service fee.

Trusted Online Ticket Agents:

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