Hong Kong West Kowloon – Dongguan Humen by Bullet Train

Hong Kong – Humen Dongguan by High Speed Train

It is quite easy to travel from Hong Kong to Dongguan or vice verse, and high speed train is the best option. Direct high speed trains linking Hong Kong (using West Kowloon Station)and Dongguan (using Humen Railway Station) have been launched on September 23 of 2018, which takes about 40-45 minutes.

In addition to direct high speed trains, there are also normal trains running between Hong Kong and Dongguan: The Guangzhou-Kowloon Though Train, which links Hung Hom Station in Kowloon of Hong Kong and Changping Railway Station in Dongguan. But the through trains are less than high speed trains.

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How far is Hong Kong from Dongguan: The distance between HK & Dongguan is about 135 kilometers.

How to Take a Train from HK West Kowloon

Photos courtesy of Keith Wong, a Singaporean working in HK & ChinaTrain12306 visitor.

How to Take a Train from Humen Train Station

Jack was there in January, 2019 and took the Vibrant Express to Guangzhou South Station from Humen. If you have any question, just ask Jack.

Hong Kong – Dongguan by High Speed Train Book Online

Direct high speed trains between Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and Humen Railway Station in Dongguan have been launched since September 28, 2018, taking about 40-45 minutes. The bullet trains will pass through Shenzhen Futian Station, Shenzhen North, Guangmingcheng Station before arriving at Humen Station.

From Hong Kong to Dongguan: There are 20 daily high speed trains departing from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and arriving at Humen Railway Station in Dongguan. The train takes around 40-45 minutes and costs CNY178 in a second class seat, CNY268 for a first class seat.

From Dongguan to Hong Kong: 18 high speed trains leave daily from Humen Railway Station in Dongguan and arrive at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, taking 40-50 minutes. Fares are shown below.

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Schedule, Ticket Price & Duration

Hong Kong West Kowloon – Humen Dongguan by Bullet Train
Trains From – To Frequency Duration Ticket Fares (CNY/HK$)
1st Cls 2nd Cls Biz Cls
G trains HK West Kowloon to Humen 20 daily ¥268 ¥178 ¥373
G trains Humen to HK West Kowloon 13 daily $308 $204 $428
For a live schedule & ticket availability, please refer to http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-trains/

Hong Kong Train Video

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HK West Kowloon

Arrive HK by train
1: Hong Kong to Humen train schedule 2: Humen to Hong Kong train schedule

1: Hong Kong to Humen Train Times

Schedule last updated: August 26, 2019.

Train Dept From Arri To Duration
G6582 8:25 Hong Kong West Kowloon 09:09 Humen 0h44m
G6510 9:10 Hong Kong West Kowloon 09:57 Humen 0h47m
G306 9:48 Hong Kong West Kowloon 10:27 Humen 0h39m
G6528 10:36 Hong Kong West Kowloon 11:15 Humen 0h39m
G6512 11:53 Hong Kong West Kowloon 12:34 Humen 0h41m
G312 12:05 Hong Kong West Kowloon 12:44 Humen 0h39m
G6516 12:26 Hong Kong West Kowloon 13:11 Humen 0h45m
G6524 12:51 Hong Kong West Kowloon 13:32 Humen 0h41m
G6530 13:25 Hong Kong West Kowloon 14:15 Humen 0h50m
G6536 13:54 Hong Kong West Kowloon 14:36 Humen 0h42m
G6518 15:09 Hong Kong West Kowloon 15:53 Humen 0h44m
G6542 15:14 Hong Kong West Kowloon 15:58 Humen 0h44m
G418 15:33 Hong Kong West Kowloon 16:14 Humen 0h41m
G6508 16:18 Hong Kong West Kowloon 17:03 Humen 0h45m
G6544 18:39 Hong Kong West Kowloon 19:24 Humen 0h45m
G6514 19:00 Hong Kong West Kowloon 19:41 Humen 0h41m
G6502 19:30 Hong Kong West Kowloon 20:17 Humen 0h47m
G6588 20:02 Hong Kong West Kowloon 20:48 Humen 0h46m
G6580 20:21 Hong Kong West Kowloon 21:08 Humen 0h47m
G6520 20:54 Hong Kong West Kowloon 21:39 Humen 0h45m

2: Humen to Hong Kong Train Times

Schedule last updated: August 26, 2019.

Train Dept From Arri To Duration

8:27 Humen 09:06 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h39m
G6539 8:45 Humen 09:24 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h39m
G6505 8:50 Humen 09:29 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h39m
G6527 8:55 Humen 09:52 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h57m
G6579 9:29 Humen 10:14 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h45m
G6541 11:47 Humen 12:35 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h48m
G6529 12:19 Humen 12:57 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h38m
G6535 12:34 Humen 13:14 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h40m
G6507 13:33 Humen 14:13 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h40m
G6537 15:44 Humen 16:24 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h40m
G6543 17:11 Humen 18:00 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h49m
G6585 18:50 Humen 19:37 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h47m
G6587 21:55 Humen 22:40 Hong Kong West Kowloon 0h45m
guangzhou shenzhen hong kong express rail link
guangzhou shenzhen hong kong express rail link

How to Buy HK – Dongguan High Speed Train Tickets

When to buy tickets

Both China and Hong Kong train tickets go on sale online 30 days before departure, or go on sale at train stations 28 days in advance.

Where to buy tickets

Foreigners can buy tickets with your passports at train stations in HK or Dongguan, or book tickets online via China’s official 12306 site (in Chinese only & require China bank card) or HK MTR site (seen below) or using a trusted online ticket agent.

1). Buy at train stations

In Hong Kong: Foreigners can only buy tickets with passports at ticket counters in HK West Kowloon, which accepts HK dollor or Chinese RMB payments. You can buy cross border tickets (starting or ending at HK. eg: HK to Humen train, or Humen to HK) at 23 ticket counters. If you travel beyond HK (eg: Humen to Guangzhou, Guangzhou to Shenzhen), you need to go to buy the mainland domestic tickets at the 5 designated ticket counters at HK West Kowloon. Self-service ticket machines don’t work as they don’t accept passports.

Ticketing Channel in HK Acceptable Identification Document Advance Sales Booking Cut-off Time (before train departure) Payment Method
Cash e-Payment5 Mobile Payment
Ticket Counters Passport 28 days 45 mins HKD & RMB Visa
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay
Alipay, Alipay HK
WeChat Pay, WeChat Pay HK
Ticket Machine Not accepted passport 28 days 45 mins HKD Visa payWave
MasterCard contactless
Not applicable

In Dongguan: You can buy tickets at any train stations in Dongguan: Humen Station, Changping Station, etc.

2). Book online with a trusted online ticket agent

If you are outside China, and want to buy tickets in advance online, you can turn to use an online ticke agent. Below are two trusted ticket agents who get positive reviews and recommended often on Trip Advisor:

3). Book online at Hong Kong MTR website

Hong Kong MTR Group has launched its online ticketing system both in Chinese and English version, where you can check train schedule, ticket fares and book tickets with your passport.After buying tickets online, you will have to collect them at West Kowloon Station.

Collecting Tickets Notes

Important notes: If you buy tikets on Hong Kong MTR official site, you are only be able to collect tickets in HK West Kowloon Station and it is imposible to pick up them in mainland China. So, if you start journey from West Kowloon Station to Dongguan, and want to travel from Dongguan back to HK, you should collect all tickets for both journeys (HK to GZ, GZ to HK) in West Kowloon Station. But if you start your journey from Dongguan Humen Railway Station, don’t use HK MTR site to book tickets but use a mainland China’s site as you cannot pick up tickets booked at HK MTR site in Dongguan Humen.

Train Stations

Humen Railway Station in Dongguan is the high speed train station serving Dongguan City in Guangdong Province, along the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link. It is located in Baisha Village in Humen Town of Dongguan City in Guangdong Province. It is connected to Dongguan’s Rail Transit Line 2.

Hong Kong West Kowloon

  • Station nameHK West Kowloon (香港西九龙)
  • Location: Jordan, HK (Google Map)
  • Getting there: by Hong Kong MTR on Kowloon MTR stop or Austin MTR stop

Humen Railway Station Dongguan

Hong Kong – Dongguan by Through Train Book Online

Currently, there are normal trains linking Hong Kong and Dongguan: Guangzhou – Kowloon Through Trains. The through trains are intercity train service linking Guangzhou East Station in Guangzhou and Hung Hom Station in Kowloon of Hong Kong, some of which will call at Changping Railway Station in Dongguan.

As of April of 2018, there are 12 pairs of Guangzhou – Kowloon Through Trains, and 10 out of the 12 trains will call at Changping Station in Dongguan. Journey time from Hong Kong to Dongguan Changping Station is about 1h10 – 1h25mins, and the ticket fare is HK$78 for a child and HK$155 for an adult.

Ticket Fares & Train Frequency

Hong Kong – Dongguan by through train (1 daily)
Train Type From – To Frequency 1st-Last Duration Ticket Fares (HK$)
Child Adult
Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train HK Hung Hom – Changping in Dongguan 10 1h15m 78 155
For a live schedule & ticket availability, please refer to http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-trains/

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