Beijing – Hohhot by train: Rail Travel to Innner Mongolia

Beijing – Hohhot by Train


It will be possible to travel from Beijing to Hohhot (capital city of Inner Mongolia in China) or vice verse by high speed train in the end of December of 2019, when the Beijing – Zhangjiakou Intercity Railway and Hohhot – Zhangjiakou High Speed Railway fully open. The bullet trains will shorten the travel time of rail journey between Beijing and Hohhot from 10 hours to 3 hours. The high speed trains are fast, smooth and comfortable and then they will be certainly the first option for travelling between the two cities.

How far is Hohhot from Beijing: the distance is about 500 kilometers.

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Train Station Map of Beijing & Hohhot

By Train

  • Option 1: by high speed train (Not open. launched in Q4 of 2019)
  • Option 2: by normal train
1: By high speed train2: By normal trains

1: High Speed Train

Currently, there are no direct high speed trains linking Beijing and Hohhot. But it will be available at then end of 2019 when the high speed railway that links Beijing and cities across Inner Mongolia opens, allowing passengers to travel from Beijing to Hohhot or Hohhot to Beijing in just around 3 hours. More details of train info will be added when the rail opens.

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  • Travel time : 3 hours
  • Total travel fares:
  • Station used: Beijing North Railway Station (Beijingbei), Hohhot East Railway Station.

2: Normal Trains

As of September of 2019, you can only travel between Beijinga and Hohhot by normal trains, namely the K, Z categories trains, which are not high-speed.

From Beijing to Hohhot : Most of the normal trains to Hohhot depart from Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station and arrive at Hohhot East Train Station. Duration ranges from 9 hours to 10 hours. Only 1 – 2 will terminate at Hohhot Railway Station. So just get to the right train station to catch your train.

From Hohhot to Beijing: Most of the normal trains depart from Hohhot East Train Station, with only 2 from Hohhot Railway Station, and all of these trains arrive at either Beijing Railway Station or Beijing West Railway Station.

Train schedule, fares

Beijing – Hohhot by slow trains
Trains From – To Frequency Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper Hard Seat
K, Z trains Beijing – Hohhot East 8 9-10h 243 158 91
K, Z trains Beijing West – Hohhot East 5 9-11.5h 243 158 91
K trains Beijing – Hohhot 1 10h 243 158 91
K, Z trains Beijing West – Hohhot 1 14h 232 147 80
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Beijing to Hohhot

Train No. Dept – Arri Duration
K55 02:48 – 12:20 9h32m
K711 03:36 – 13:11 9h35m
K263 09:25 – 19:34 10h9m
K617 10:24 – 22:39 12h15m
K395 10:51 – 20:55 10h4m
Z283 11:07 – 20:48 9h41m
K1177 13:30 – 23:21 9h51m
K573 20:35 – 06:20+ 9h45m
K41 20:45 – 06:39+ 9h54m
Z179 21:06 – 06:16+ 9h10m
K597 21:32 – 07:20+ 9h48m
K89 22:17 – 07:55+ 9h38m
Z317 22:50 – 08:21+ 9h31m
K885 23:43 – 09:07+ 9h24m

Hohhot to Beijing

Train No. Dept – Arri Travel Time
Z180 00:32 – 09:55 9h23m
K1178 00:53 – 12:15 11h22m
K886 01:05 – 11:30 10h25m
K618 08:38 – 19:35 10h57m
Z284 08:59 – 18:31 9h32m
K42 09:49 – 19:39 9h50m
Z318 12:20 – 21:50 9h30m
K56 19:05 – 04:27+ 9h22m
K598 19:11 – 04:54+ 9h43m
K90 21:42 – 07:25+ 9h43m
K264 22:10 – 08:21+ 10h11m
K574 22:20 – 08:58+ 10h38m
K396 23:52 – 09:51+ 9h59m
K712 23:58 – 13:55+ 13h57m

Which Train Station

The slow K and Z type trains between Beijing and Hohhot are using Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Station, and arrive at Hohhot East Station or Hohhot Railway Station.

The future high speed trains linking Beijing and Hohhot will use Beijing North Station, which is being renovated currelty, and Hohhot East Railway Station.

  • Beijing West Railway Station (BeijingXi): by subway line 7,line 9 (check official Beijing Subway website)
  • Beijing Railway Station (Beijing): by subway line 2 (check official Beijing Subway website )
  • Hohhot East Railway Station (Huhehaotedong): It is located in Xincheng District in Hohhot City (Google map), and opened on December 25 of 2010. It can be reached by bus 5, 22, 28, K1.
  • Hohhot Railway Station: It can be reachede by bus 1, 2, 7, 13, 22, 24, 28, 29, 32, etc. In the future it will be connected to the city metro network on line 2.

From Hohhot to Beijing Airport

From Hohhot to Beijing Daxing Airport: Take a high speed train from Hohhot East Railway Station to Beijing North Railway Station first, then take subway to Beijing South Station or Beijing West Station (Beijing West also has bullet trains to Daxing Airport), from where there are direct airport buses to Beijing Daxing Airport (PKX).

How to Buy Tickets

You can buy tickets with passenger passports in person in any train stations in Beijing or Hohhot. Just go to the one close to you with easy access. You cannot use the Chinese official ticketing site as it doesn’t have a English version site and it only accepts payment by Chinese bank card.

Book with a trusted online ticket agent

If you are outside China, and want to buy tickets in advance online, you can turn to use an online ticke agent. Below are two trusted ticket agents who get positive reviews and recommended often on Trip Advisor:

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