Chengdu East Train Station & Chengdu South Railway Station

Railway Stations in Chengdu

Chengdu, the capical city of Sichuan Province, has 4 train staions for passenger service: Chengdu East Railway Station operates 204 high speed trains (C, D, G trains) daily, Chengdu Railway Station operates 74 trains (both C, D type high speed train & T K Z type trains) daily, Chengdu South Railway Station handles 28 C type high speed trains daily, and Xiapu Railway Station cope with 70 C trains daily. Continue reading

Wuzhou Rail Travel Guide 2017: Station & Schedule

Wuzhou Rail Travel Guide

Wuzhou, the eastern gateway city of Guangxi Province (read Guangxi Rail Guide), has two train station for passenger service: Wuzhou South Railway Station (Wuzhou Nan) and Wuzhou Railway Station. Wuzhou South Railway Station is the new one that serves high speed train service, while Wuzhou Railway Station is the old station maily serves regular slow trains. The distance between the two stations is about 16 kilometers.
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Travel from Liuzhou by High Speed Train, Sleeper Train

Liuzhou Railway Station

Liuzhou Railway Station is Liuzhou’s main train station operating high speed trains to Guilin, Nanning, Beihai, Wuzhou, Sanjiang in Guangxi Province, as well as bullet trains to Guangzhou South, Guiyang North, Shanghai Hongqiao, Xi’an North and Beijing West, etc. In addition, Liuzhou Railway Station also has some slow trains to Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing etc. It is located in Liunan District.

Be noted:  The old train station building in east square (柳州站东站房) is no longer in use anymore and has been demolished. And all its services including ticketing or check-in service have been moved to the new station building in west square (柳州站西站房). Just arrive at the right station house. 

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How to Get from Huangshan to Guilin, by Bullet Train

Huangshan – Guilin via Shangrao by High Speed Train

Currently, there are no direct trains linking Huangshan with Guilin or Yangshuo. And usually travelers have to make a train connection at Shangrao Railway Station (上饶站). You can take one of the numerous high speed train from Huangshan North to Shangrao first (Check: Huangshan to Shangrao train), then from Shangrao Railway Station, there are about 4 daily G type high speed trains running to Guilin Railway Station at 11:07, 11:51, 12:24 (Check: Shangrao to Guilin train), and 12:47, taking 6.5 – 7 hours and costing from CNY 445.5 in a second class seat to cover the 1074-kilometer rail journey. Remember to allow enough connection time for making the transfer in Shangrao Railway Station (Gennerally speaking 45 – 60 minutes are enough for catching your connecting train to Guilin). Continue reading

Nanning – Hanoi by Train, Nanning Langdong – Hanoi by Bus

Table of Contents

Nanning Railway Station

You can buy tickets to Hanoi at Nanning Railway Station

Map of Railways

The railways in red & orange are high speed rails (for D or G trains) and the green lines are regular rails for K, T, Z trains.

Nanning – Hanoi Train: T8701/T8702, MR1/MR2

Taking an international train is a popular way to travel between Nanning and Hanoi, and an unique experience as well. The international train service (T8701/T8702, MR1/MR2) between Nanning China and Hanoi Vietname run once a day using Nanning Railway Station and Gia Lam Station in Hanoi. The international train from Nanning to Hanoi (called T8701 from Nanning to Pingxiang in China section, and called MR2 from Dong Dang to Hanoi in Vietname section) leaves at around 18:20 from Nanning Railway Station, calls at Pingxiang Railway Station (凭祥站) at around 22:00, then finally terminates at Gia Lam Station in Hainoi at 05:20 of the following day, journey time 11 hours. From Hainoi to Nanning, the train T8702/MR1 leaves at 21:45 (Vietname Time) from Gia Lam Station, and arrives at Nanning Railway Station at 10:15 of the next day (Beijing Time) with a 2-3 hours stop at Pingxiang. Continue reading