Sanjiang Nan Station & Sanjiang Xian Train Station

Rail Travel Guide in Sanjiang

Sanjiang is a county located in the north of Guangxi Province (see Guangxi by Rail page), under the administration of Liuzhou. It has two train stations for passenger service: Sanjiang South Railway Station (SanjiangNan Station, 三江南站) for high speed rail service, and Sanjiang County Railway Station (SanjiangXian Station, 三江县站) for regular rail service (slow train). The distance between the two stations is around 20 kilometres. Tourist attractions in Sanjiang include: Chengyang Wind and Rail Bridge, Sanjiang Drum Tower, Chengyang Yongji Bridge, etc.

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Arriving by Train or Bus

Sanjiang can be reached by high speed trains (using Sanjiang South) directly from Guilin West, Guilin North, Guilin Railway Station, Yangshuo Railway Station, Hezhou, Liuzhou, Nanning East, Guangzhou South, and Guiyang North, etc, or reached by slow trains (using SanjiangXian Station) directly from Liuzhou, Huaihua, Jishou, Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province, etc. Or reached by bus from Longsheng County in about 1.5 hours.

You may enter “Sanjiang South” or “Sanjiang County” at to search for a high speed train or slow train to or from Sanjiang.

Map of Railways – Sanjiang

The railways in red & orange are high speed rails (for D or G trains) and the green lines are regular rails for K, T, Z trains.

Sanjiang South Railway Station (SanjiangNan)

sanjiang south railway station
Sanjiang South (Sanjiang Nan), the new station for high speed trains

Sanjiang South Railway Station (SanjiangNan, 三江南站) is a newly-built train station in Sanjiang County, serving high speed trains on the Guiyang – Guangzhou High Speed Railway. It is about 5 km from Sanjiang County.

  • Station name: Sanjiang South Railway Station (三江南站)
  • Location: Silian Village (泗联村), Guyi Town (古宜镇), Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County (三江侗族自治县), Liuzhou City (柳州市) in Guangxi Province View on Open Street Map or on Google Map
  • Open time: December 26, 2014
  • Distance: 5 km from Sanjiang County
  • Transportation: bus to Sanjiang’s Bird’s nest cost 4 RMB per person
  • Rail links: Guiyang – Guangzhou High Speed Railway
  • Rail service: high speed trains (D type bullet trains)
  • Rail travel guide within Guangxi Province: Guangxi by Rail

Train Times, Ticket Price & Journey Time (High Speed Trains to Major Destination)

For a live schedule & ticket availability, just refer to
From Sanjiang South to Price one-way (2nd cls, CNY) Travel Time Train Frequency Daily (FYI) Train Type (high speed)
Guilin 34 1h 3 D train
Guilin North 28.5 35m 1 D train
Guilin West 27 30m 12 D train
Yangshuo 47 1h5m 3 D train
Liuzhou 76.5 2h 4 D train
Hezhou 83.5 1h40m 12 D train
Guiyang North 103.5 2h 17 D train
Guangzhou South 164 3h15m 12 D train
Nanning East 138.5 3h30m 3 D train

Sanjiang County Railway Station (SanjiangXian)

SanjiangXian Train Station
SanjiangXian Train Station (Sanjiang County Station), the old and small station for K trains.

Sanjiang County Railway Station (SanjiangXian, 三江县站) is a small train station in Sanjiang offering slow train or overnight train service to Zhangjiajie, Huaihua, Jishou in Hunan Province, also to Guilin, Guilin North, and Liuzhou in Guangxi Province.

  • Station name: Sanjiang County Railway Station (三江县站)
  • Location: Guyi Town (古宜镇), Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County (三江侗族自治县), Liuzhou City (柳州市) in Guangxi Province View on Open Street Map
  • Open time: 1979
  • Distance: 10 km from Sanjiang County
  • Transportation:
  • Rail links: Jiaozuo – Liuzhou Railway
  • Rail service: regular trains (K train)
For a live schedule & ticket availability, just refer to
From SanjiangXian to Price one-way (hard sleeper, CNY) Travel Time Train Frequency Daily (FYI) Train Type (non-highspeed)
Guilin 110.5 6h50m 1 K train
Liuzhou 83.5 3h30m 4 K train
Jishou 90.5 6 – 7h 2 K train, overnight train
Huaihua 78.5 4 – 5.5h 3 K train
Zhangjiajie 115.5 8 – 9.5h 2 K train
Nanning 123 7 – 8h 2 K train

Taking a Train from Sanjiang to

In these section, you will learn how to travel by regular train or high speed train from Sanjiang South or SanjiangXian Station to some popular places.

Sanjiang to Guilin by Train

See this page: Sanjiang to Guilin.

Sanjiang to Yangshuo by Train

  • Sanjiang to Yangshuo by direct high speed train: There are 3 daily direct bullet trains running between Sanjiang South Station and arriving at Yangshuo Railway Station, which takes takes 1 hour and costs CNY47 in a 2nd class seat. After arriving at Yangshuo Railway Station, you need to take a 45-minute bus ride to Yangshuo Town, and another 7-minute bus ride to the famous West Street in Yangshuo.
  • Sanjiang to Yangshuo via Guilin by high speed train: You can also travel from Sanjiang to Yangshuo by making a connection in Guilin. First take a bullet train from Sanjiang South to Guilin (17 trains daily), arriving at Guilin West, Guilin North or Guilin Station, then a connecting train to Yangshuo (5 from Guilin West to Yangshuo, 4 from Guilin North, 2 from Guilin Station).

Sanjiang to Zhangjiajie by Train

There are only one or two regular train linking Sanjiang with Zhangjiajie. The train 2012 departs from Sanjiangxian Station at 00:11 and arrives at Zhangjiajie Railway Station at 08:16, journey time 8h05m and cost from 107.5 yuan..

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  1. 1. Please advise the distance from Sanjiang Bullet train station to Chengyang.
    2. What is the approximate one way taxi fare from the station to Chengyang.

    Thank you.

    • Hi, there
      1. The distance is about 28 kilometers from Sanjiang South to Chengyang Bazhai..
      2. I guess the taxi fare may range from CNY 40 – 60 (Just for reference). You can also take a minivan shared with others, but the minivan won’t go until it is full. That will cost you 20 – 25 yuan. Just for reference.

    • Hi,
      Currently, there are only one high speed train D2828 from Yangshuo to Sanjiang South (SanjiangNan), departing at 16:52 and arriving at 18:01. Journey time is 1h09m. If this train doesn’t suit your time, I would advise you to take a train from Yangshuo to Guilin first then a connecting train to Sanjiang South.
      You may check the live schedule and ticket availability at Just enter”Yangshuo” and Sanjiang nan. Hope it helps.

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