How to Travel between Changsha Airport & Zhangjiajie: Train, Bus & Metro

Changsha Airport – Zhangjiajie

How to Travel between Changsha Airport & Zhangjiajie

Many travellers who want to visit Zhangjiajie will choose to transit in Changsha Huanghua International Airport (CSX). But many of them don’t know how to travel from Changsha Airport to Zhangjiajie or vice verse. Here Jack would brief you how to do it with the best routes.

How far is Changsha Airport from Zhangjiajie: the distance is about 360 kilometers.

Steps Routes Transport Duration
Step 1 CSX Airport – Changsha South Maglev train 30mins
Step 2 Changsha South – Changsha Station Metro line 2 30mins
Step 3 Chagnsha Station – Zhangjiajie West High speed train 3h
Step 4 Zhangjiajie West – Wulingyuan Park Zhangjaijie West to Wulingyuan Bus 40mins

High Speed Railway & Station Map

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Step 1: Changsha Airport – South Railway Station by Maglev Train

Changsha’s Maglev Express,started service in 2016, is Changsha’s Airport – Rail Link, which links Changsha Huanghua International Airport and the high speed railway station Changsha South Railway Station (Changshanan)in just 30 minutes. It is China’s second maglev line with a length of 18.5 kilometer, running at a speed of 120 km/h. The ticket fare is CNY20 between the Airport and South Railway Station.

If you want to travel between Changsha Airport and Changsha South, Changsha Maglev Express is your best option.

Changsha Maglev Train

Station Name Chinese Name Connection Note
Changshanan Station 磁浮高铁站 Metro Line 2, Line 4
Convention & Exhibition Center 会展中心 Not open
Langli Station 磁浮㮾梨
Automobile City 汽车城 Not open
Changsha Huanghua International Airport 磁浮机场 CSX Airport


Step 2: Changsha South – Changsha Station by Metro Line 2

From Changsha South: After arriving at Changsha South by maglev express, you just change to metro line 2 to Railway Station (Changsha Railway Station) in just 30 minutes (7 stops). From Changsha Railway Station, there are C category high speed trains to Zhangjiajie West Railway Station.

From Changsha Railway Station: After your high speed train from Zhangjiajie West arrive at Changsha Railway Station, just connect to metro line 2 to Changsha South Railway Station, from where there are maglev express going to Changsha Airport.

1 Railway Station 长沙火车站 Line 3, Line 2
,2 Jintai Square 锦泰广场
3 Wanjiali Square 万家丽广场
4 Renmin East Road 人民东路
5 Changsha Avenue 长沙大道
6 Shawan Park 沙湾公园
7 Duhua Road 杜花路
8 South Railway Station 长沙火车南站 Line 4, Line 2, Maglev express

Step 3: Changsha Station – Zhangjiajie West by High Speed Train

There are C category high speed trains linking Changsha Railway Station and Zhangjiajie West Railway Station in 2h40-3h30, as well as some normal trains K trains or T trains linking Changsha Station and Zhangjiajie West in 4 – 5.5 hours. Jack recommends you to take the C trains as they are faster and comfortable and affordable.

Timetable, Price & Duration

Changsha – Zhangjiajie West by bullet train
Trains From – To Frequency Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
2nd Cls 1st Cls Biz Cls
C trains Changsha – Zhangjiajie West 20 3h 105 171
C trains Zhangjiajie West – Changsha 28 3h 110 179
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Step 5 Zhangjiajie West – Wulingyuan Forest Park by Bus

There are public bus linking Zhangjiajie West Railway Station and the worldwide famous attraction Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (Wulingyuan) in just 40 – 50 minutes. All these buses are using Zhangjiajie High Speed Rail Bus Terminal (Chinese name: 张家界高铁汽车客运站), which is next to Zhangjiajie West.

Other Rail Routes

Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie high speed train, Hong Kong to Zhangjiajie high speed train, Shanghai to Zhangjiajie high speed train

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