HK West Kowloon – Zhongshan North, Xiaolan, Guzhen by Bullet Train

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Hong Kong – Zhongshan via Guangzhou by High Speed Trains

Currently, there are no direct high speed trains linking Hong Kong and Zhongshan and passengers have to make a transfer in Guangzhou South Station (HK West Kowloon – Guangzhou South – Zhongshan). But before making your rail trip, passengers should figure out that Zhongshan City has several train stations for service to or from Guangzhou. Zhongshan North Station, Zhongshan Train Station and Xiaolan Train Station have the most trains to or from Guangzhou South, while Nantou Station and Nanlang Station have less connections. You’d better know which train station to take your train.

Step 1: Hong Kong West Kowloon – Guangzhou South by High Speed Train

There are frequently high speed train service linking HK West Kowloon Station and Guangzhou South in just 50-60 minutes. For more details, see page Hong Kong to Guangzhou train. If you want to depart from Hong Kong International Airport to Zhongshan, you can take Airport Express to HK West Kowloon Station first, where to take a train to Guangzhou South, then connect to a train to Zhongshan. See from Hong Kong Airport to West Kowloon Station.

Hong Kong – Zhognshan, Xiaolan, Guzhen Rail Route Map

Step 2: Guangzhou South – Zhongshan by High Speed Train

Hong Kong – Huizhou by Bullet Train
Trains From – To Frequency Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
1st Cls 2nd Cls Biz Cls
C, D trains Guangzhou South – Zhongshan North 29 30-35m 32
C, D trains Guangzhou South – Xiaolan 39 20-30m 25
D, G trains Guangzhou South – Zhongshan Station 13 30m 40 32 100
C trains Guangzhou South – Nantou 8 15-25m 16
C trains Guangzhou South – Nanlang 1 30m 50
C,D trains Guangzhou South – Guzhen 90 25-30M 24
For a live schedule & ticket availability, please refer to

How to Take a Train from HK West Kowloon

Photos courtesy of Keith Wong, a Singaporean working in HK & ChinaTrain12306 visitor.

Which Train Station

Hong Kong West Kowloon

Guangzhou South

Zhongshan North

  • Station name:Zhongshan North (Zhongshanbei, 中山北站)
  • Location: Shiqi District (Google Map)
  • Getting there: Bus 4, 13, 15, 16, 19, 21, 30, 38, 205, K2, K9, etc

Zhongshan Station

  • Station name:Zhongshan Station (Zhongshan, 中山站)
  • Location: Simen Village, Huoju Hi-tech Industrial Zone (Google Map)
  • Getting there: Bus 2, 5, 18, 61, 68, 90, B11, B12



  • Station name: Guzhen Station (Guzhen, 古镇站)
  • Location: Guzhen Town (Google Map)
  • Getting there

How to Buy Tickets

When to Buy Tickets

If you buy tickets at train stations, the tickets go on sale 28 days before travel date. If you book tickets online, the tickets start to sell 30 days in advance.

Where to Buy Tickets

Book at Train Stations

In Hong Kong: You can buy tickets with your passports at ticket counters in HK West Kowloon, which accept both HK dollars and Chinese RMB. Don’t use any self-service ticket machines there as they don’t accept any passports. Remember that if you travel beyond Hong Kong (eg: Shenzhen to Huizhou or Huizhou to Shenzhen train), you’ll have to buy these mainland domestic tickets at 7 designated ticket counters in HK West Kowloon Station.

In Zhongshan : You can buy tickets with passports at any train stations in Zhongshan, such as Zhongshan North Station, Zhongshan Station, Xiaolan Station, etc.

In Guangzhou: You can also buy tickets at ticket counters in Guangzhou South, or others like Guangzhou East, etc.

Buy online with a trusted ticket agent

If you are outside China, and want to buy tickets in advance online, you can turn to use an online ticke agent. Below are two trusted ticket agents who get positive reviews and recommended often on Trip Advisor:

Buy Online at Hong Kong MTR Website

Hong Kong MTR Group has launched its online ticketing system both in Chinese and English version, where you can check train schedule, ticket fares and book tickets with your passport.After buying tickets online, you will have to collect them at West Kowloon Station.

Depart from Shenzhen

Shenzhen North has only 2 daily high speed trains to Zhongshan. The best way is to make a transfer at Guangzhou South (Shenzhen North – Guangzhou South – Zhongshan), which provides you more train options. You can also travel from Shenzhen to Xiaolan, Guzhen, Nanlang, Nantou by train with a transfer at Guangzhou South.

More Train Routes

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Trusted Online Ticket Agents:

Option 1: China Highlights is a reliable online agency  for China train ticketing. They get positive reviews on TripAdvisor & Trustpilot. Sharon and her team help you buy tickets & plan rail routes even deliver tickets to your hotels with a service fee.

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