Chengdu – Kunming by Train: Visit Leshan, Emeishan, Dali & Lijiang Town

How to Get from Chengdu to Kunming (Sichuan to Yunnan)

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province is about 950 kilometers (distance: 590 miles) from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. Gennerally speaking, you have two ways to travel between Chengdu and Kunming: by flight or overnight train. But starting from early 2018, you have a new option: by high speed train.

High speed train running between Chengdu and Kunming will be available from January 25 of 2018 . The direct bullet trains run from Chengdu East Train Station to Kunming South Railway Station, passing through Chongqing and Guiyang.

high speed train options:

chengdu to kunming by high speed train
Chengdu to Kunming high speed train become available in late January of 2018. You can also take night train to cover Dali, Lijiang, Emeishan and Leshan.

By flight: Flight is the fastest way. A lot of Chinese airlines including China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Kunming Airlines, Air China and Sichuan Airlines are operating domestic service on this route (Kunming Changshui Airport – T2 in Chengdu Shuangliu Airport) between 07:00-23:40. Journey time is about 1.5 hours. Airfare is dynamic.

By high speed train: bullet train will be launched startting on January 25 in 2018 passing through Chongqing & Guiyang. High speed train run twice a day, taking 6h40mins and costing from CNY487.5 in a second class seat. In addition to direct high speed train, you can also make a transfer at Guiyang North (Chengdu – Guiyang – Kunnming), which provides you more trains.

By overnight train: A sleeper on an overnight train is the economical way to travel between Chengdu and Kunming, which helps save your a hotel bill. There are about 6 daily K type overnight trains using Chengdu Railway Station and Kunming Railway Station, taking about 19-22 hours.

Option 1: Chengdu – Kunming by Direct High Speed Train

 Direct High speed trains linking Chengdu and Kunming will be available on January 25 of 2018 . The 2 daily direct high speed trains depart from Chengtdu East Station, pass through Chongqing West Station, Guiyang North Station and arrive at Kunming South Station and journey time is about 6 hours.

Chengdu-Kunming by direct high speed train (2 daily)
Train Type From – To Frequency Times Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
2nd Cls 1st Cls Biz Cls
G train Chengdu East to Kunming South 2 1506; 1610 6h40 487.5 797.5 900.5
G train Kunming South to Chengdu East 2 0808; 0904 6h40 487.5 797.5 900.5
For a live schedule & ticket availability, please refer to

Option 2: Chengdu – Kunming via Guiyang North by High Speed Train

If the two daily direct high speed trains sell out, you can make a transfer at Guiyang North (Chengdu East – Guiyang North – Kunming South). This route gives you more bullet train options. Allow 40-60 minutes connection time for making the transfer.

  • Chengdu East – Guiyang North (8 trains daily,3.5-4 hrs, from CNY275)
  • Kunming South – Guiyang North (33 trains daily, 2.5 hrs, from CNY212.5)
  • Check live schedule & fares at

Option 3: Chengdu – Kunming by Overnight Train

Before the launch of high speed trains, overnight trains are the most popular option for travelling between Kunming and Chengdu. It is favored by those who want to save money on accommodation, or those who want to make a short visit to Dali or Lijiang while on their way to Chengdu or Kunming. If you want to visit Dali and Lijiang, then this route is your option (You are required to make a transfer at Guangtong North). See Kunming to Dali to Lijiang by train page.

There are 6 daily overnight trains running between Kunming and Chengdu using the old stations: Kunming Railway Station and Chengdu Railway Station.The train takes 17.5-21 hours and the train fare starts from CNY238.5 in a hard sleeper. Duration, train frequency and fares are shown below:

Chengdu-Kunming by overnight train (6 daily)
Train Type From – To Frequency 1st-Last Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper Hard Seat
Ktrain Chengdu Station to Kunming Station 6 08:54-16:03 18.5-22h 381.5 244.5 141.5
Ktrain Kunming Station to Chengdu Station 6 09:00-19:40 17-22.5h 381.5 244.5 141.5
For a live schedule & ticket availability, please refer to

Rail Route Planning for: Kunming – Dali – Lijiang – Emeishan – Leshan – Chengdu

If your want to have your rail journey covered Kunming, Chengdu as well as Dali & Lijiang, Emeishan and Leshan as your major tourist destinations, then you can go for the routes below:

From Chengdu to Kunming: In Sichuan Province, you can take C type high speed trains to travel between Chengdu, Leshan, Emeishan and even Chengdu’s Shuangliu Airport. For more details, just refer to Chengdu – Leshan – Emeishan by train page.

For trains bound for Dali, Lijiang and Kunming, you can start your rail journey from Emei Railway Station (Emei Station for night train, Emeishan Railway Station for high speed train) in Emeishan City to Guangtong North Station (Guangtong Bei or GuangtongBei) by night train, from where you can transfer to Dali, Lijiang or Kunming. See Kunming to Dali to Lijiang by train page.

From Kunming to Chengdu: Take an overnight train to Dali and Lijiang first. After visiting Dali and Lijiang, just go back by night train to Guangtong North Station (Guangtong Bei or GuangtongBei), from where you can transfer to Emei Railway Station, the old station (for visiting Emeishan Mountain) or directly to Chengdu Railway Station. If you stop at Emei Railway Station, you can transfer to Emeishan Railway Station, the new station from where you can take C type high speed train to Chengdu’s Shuangliu Airport and Chengdu East Station and Chengdu South Station. See Chengdu – Leshan – Emeishan by train page.

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