Hello visitors,
Thank you for visiting my site chinatrain12306.com.
My name is Jack from Guangxi Province, China. I used to be an internet marketer working at an online travel agent China Highlights based in Guilin. I was mainly responsible for the marketing job for the hotels, flight tickets and train tickets on the site, where I gained a big success with my colleagues on offering China train ticket service to foreigners. I was very happy when seeing that our ticketing service had done a great help for the foreign travelers on arranging their China train trip. In April, 2015, after working there for 4 years, I quited my job from my company in pursuit of a new life.
Now, I am running this new site again with the aim of helping more foreigners to take a train travel within China, even though my English is not that so good. I will keep on providing some useful rail travel information.
I will give more details about my story in the future and hope you will enjoy reading the articles I write.

Want to contact me? Please drop me a line at chinatrain12306#gmail.com. Please replace the # with @.