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Welcome to chinatrain12306.com, where your journey through China via high-speed rail begins. My name is Jack, and I hail from Guangxi Province, China. Formerly an internet marketer at China Highlights, an esteemed online travel agency based in Guilin, I dedicated my efforts to marketing hotels, flight tickets, and, notably train tickets on the platform.

During my tenure, I successfully collaborated with my colleagues in providing impeccable China train ticket services to our valued foreign clientele. Witnessing the positive impact of our ticketing service on the travel experiences of foreigners in China brought immense satisfaction. In April 2015, after four years with the company, I left CHT, and embarked on a new chapter in life.

Now, I proudly spearhead this website, aiming to facilitate seamless train travel experiences for even more international visitors exploring China, despite my less-than-perfect English proficiency. I am committed to delivering comprehensive and valuable information on rail travel.

In the future, I will delve deeper into my personal journey, and I hope you find enjoyment in reading the articles I curate.

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