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Hefei Rail Travel Guide

Hefei South Railway Station

Hefei South Railway Station (Hefeinan, Hefei Nan, 合肥南站 in Chinese), opened in 2014, is an important, large and mordern train station that only serves high speed trains to or from Hefei. It is located between Luzhou Avenue and Huizhou Avenue in Baohe District of Hefei City and is linked by Hefei – Fuzhou High Speed Railway, Hefei – Nanjing Passenger Railway and Hefei – Wuhan High Speed Railway. Covering around 99284 squares, Hefei South has 12 platforms & 26 lines and two squares: South Square and North Square.

How to Get to Hefei South Railway Station

Passengers can take metro services to get to train station in Hefei, as Hefei metro line 1 began operation on December 26, 2016, linking Hefei South Railway Station with Hefei Railway Station. In addition, you can also take public bus 4, 9, 11, 16, 31, 51, 57, 65, 99, 108, etc to get to Hefei South.

Hefei Railway Station

Hefei Railway Station (合肥站 in Chinese) is the old station that serves mostly slow or night trains (K, Z, T type) with a small number of high speed trains (D and G train) to or from Hefei. The train station is located in Yaohai District of Hefei City, and linked by the Hefei – Nanjing Passenger Railway, Hefei – Wuhan High Speed Railway, Hefei – Bengbu High Speed Railway, Zhengzhou – Hefei High Speed Railway, and Hefei – Jiujiang Railway.

How to Get to Hefei Railway Station

You can take Hefei metro line 1 to get to Hefei Train Station, even transfer to Hefei South Train Station. Besides, Hefei Train Station is also liked by public bus 1, 10, 11, 22,40, 47, 101, 111, 114, 119, 129, etc.

Hefei Train Stations Map

Train Schedule

Train times for trains from Hefei to major destinations.

From – To Price Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type Availability
Hefei South to Shanghai Hongqiao 203.5 2-3.5hrs 47 D,G Check
Hefei South to Huangshan North 140.5 1.5-2hrs 27 G Check
Hefei South to Wuyuan 175.5 2hrs 16 G Check
Hefei South to Shangrao 215 2.5hrs 18 G Check
Hefei South to Beijing South 436 4.5-4hrs 13 G Check
Hefei South to Hangzhou East 178.5 2.5-3hrs 26 G,D Check
Hefei South to Nanjing South 60.5 1h 79 G, D Check
Hefei South to Xiamen North 441.5 6-6.5hrs 7 G Check
Hefei South to Guangzhou South 770 6.5-9hrs 4 G Check

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