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Ask Jack

I am Jack, who runs You can ask me anything about rail travel in China. I’d love to offer help.

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Who is Jack

I am Jack Li, a Chinese who is running I used to work for one of China’s largest online tour agency China Highlights for 4 years, where I helped foreign travelers plan rail routes and bought tickets for them. After leaving China Highlights, I started this blog to follow my passion. Now I am blogging at as a hobby, sharing train travel tips, news and travel guide.

I also answer questions on TripAdvisor’s China forum and questions from my visitors via Email.

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Why I created China Train 12306

China’s train, especially high speed train has become an increasingly popular transport option. They are clean, comfortable, fairly cheap, and running always on time. A lot of foreigners would love to travel by train in China. But I found that many of them having difficulties in taking the trains. They often have some basic questions such as:

How can I book China train tickets?

Where can I check live China train schedule in English?

Do I need to book tickets in advance?

How to get from A to B?


So, I decided to start China Train 12306, not only wanted to help more foreigners travel by train in China, but also to follow my passion and to improve my English via blogging. I like to exchange ideas with foreigners and hope you can see and learn more about cities and countryside in China via your train travel.

What to Ask Jack

You can ask me any China travel travel related questions, such as:

What is the best way to travel from Zhangjiajie to Guilin?

How can I get from Hong Kong to Dali Ancient Town?

What is the train cost between Guangzhou to Shenzhen?

How can I get to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station?

How long in advance should I book my tickets?

Should I buy tickets online in advance or buy at train station on the date of travel?

Feel free to ask me, and I will answer to the questions or search for the info online for you. I don’t charge you any fees, but I only reply you when I have free time.

They Asked Jack

You Want to Thank Jack

If my blog has done a great help to you and you want to thank me. Don’t hesitate to share me some insider tips, photos and useful information about your rail travel, which I may use to update onto my blog to help more others.

Why It Is Free

It is just my passion and interest. I blog just because I want to be one of the best China travel travel experts, just like Mark Smith, a reputed rail travel expert of the world who runs, one of the best train travel website in the world. I hope my ChinaTrain12306 to develop into a reliable resource for those travelling by train in China.


I only make a small income via the affiliate links on this blog, which funds me to maintain this blog.