Kunming South Railway Station, High Speed Train Station

Kunming South Railway Station (KunmingNan Railway Station, 昆明南站, Kunming Nan) is a high speed train station under construction (It is estimated to be open in the end of 2016) serving the City of Kunming in Yunnan Province, China. It is located in the east of Chenggong District, Kunming (昆明市呈贡区东部), and will be handling passenger service along the Nanning – Kunming Passenger Dedecated Line (PDL), Chongqing – Kunming PDL as well as the Shanghai – Kunming PDL when the construction is completed. The station begun its construction on June 16, 2011.

Note: Kunming South Railway Station starts operation on December 28 of 2016.

Kunming South Railway Station
KunmingNan Train Station

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Kunming South is 7 km from Dian Lake (滇池), 28 km from Kunming Railway Station (昆明站).

Local Transportation

By metro: Line 1 and Line 4.

Kunming South Address on Map

More maps, please refer to this page: Kunming Souht Location Map on Google Map, Baidu Map, Open Street Map, etc.


Station Design

Kunming South has 4 floors:

3rd floor: Passenger waitting hall.

2nd floor: Track and platfom.

1st floor: Exit, taxi parking area, arrival hall.

B1 floor: Platforms for metro line 1 and 4.

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