From Macau, Zhuhai to Guilin & Yangshuo by High Speed Train

How to Get from Zhuhai/Macau to Guilin/Yangshuo

Guilin and Yangshuo are famous and hot tourist destinations in Guangxi Province. A lot of foreign travelers would make a trip to Guilin or Yangshuo from Zhuhai or Macau. Thanks to the high speed rail, travelers now can travel there by direct bullet trains in less than 4 hours. (Zhuhai & Macau to Guilin & Yangshuo distance: 590 kilometers). There are two daily direct high speed trains. If they sell out, you will have to make a transfer at Guangzhou South.

1. Zhuhai & Macau – Guilin & Yangshuo by Direct High Speed Train

Macau has no train stations. If you want to travel from Macau, you will have to get to Zhuhai Railway Station first, which can be accessed via Gongbei Port. Zhuhai Railway Station is close to the port.

There are two daily D category high speed trains (D2367 or D2827)linking Zhuhai with Guilin and Yangshuo in 4 hours. The trains depart from Zhuhai Railway Station, passing through Yangshuo before arriving at Guilin. All of them are using Zhuhai Railway Station in Zhuhai, and Guilin North Station & Guilin West Station in Guilin (Guilin North is more close to city center) and Yangshuo Railway Station, which is about 45mins bus ride from Yangshuo Town.

A train journey from Zhuhai to Yangshuo takes 3.5 hours & costs from CNY187, to Guilin North 3h45 & from CNY 207.5, to Guilin West 3h55 & from CNY207.

Zhuhai – Yangshuo/Guilin direct high speed trains (2 daily)
Trains From – To Number Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
1st Cls 2nd Cls Biz Cls
D trains Zhuhai – Yangshuo D2808, D2368 3.5h 277 187
D trains Zhuhai – Guilin North/West D2808, D2368 3h45-4h 307 207
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If the only two trains sell out, you can consider making a transfer at Guangzhou South (Zhuhai – Guangzhou – Yangshuo – Guilin). See option 2 below.

How to Get to West Street from Yangshuo Station

Yangshuo Train Station is far from Yangshuo Town, about a 45-minute bus ride away. There are public buses waiting outside the station, which will run to Yangshuo High Speed Bus Station, from where you can changed to a local bus to West Street in 7 minutes. See photo guide below:

How to Buy Train Tickets

China train tickets go on sale online 30 days in advance at official site, which is only in Chinese. To check English version live train schedule, you can use , which also provides train ticket online booking service and that will charge you some service fees.

2. Travel via Guangzhou: Zhuhai – Guangzhou – Yangshuo – Guilin

This route is applicable if both of direct trains sell out. There are 77 daily C, D, G type high speed trains linking Zhuhai Railway Station and Guangzhou South Station. 18 daily D trains linking Guangzhou South and Yangshuo, and 50 D and G trains linking Gunagzhou South and Guilin.

Further Reading

From Zhuhai to Yangshuo & Guilin via Guangzhou: Take a high speed train from Zhuhai to Guangzhou South in 1 hour first, then conected to a high speed train to Yangshuo or Guilin. Remember to arrive at Guilin North or Guilin Station, which is more close to city center than Guilin West.

From Guilin & Yangshuo to Zhuhai & Macau via Guangzhou: Just travel on this route Guilin North or Yangshuo Station to Guangzhou South, then to Zhuhai Railway Station. Finally reach Macau via Gongbei Port from Zhuhai Railway Station.

More Trains

Macau to Guangzhou train

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