Guilin North Railway Station

Guilin North Railway Station

Guilin North Railway Station (Guilin Bei Train Station, 桂林北站) is located at the junction of Beichen Rd (北辰路) and Zhanqian Rd (站前路) in Diecai District (叠彩区), Guilin City (桂林市), Guangxi Province (广西).

The station is mainly handling passenger train service along the Guiyang – Guangzhou High Speed Railway, including high speed trains to or from Guangzhou South, Shenzhen North, Guiyang North, Zhuhai etc, as well as some conventional train service (non-high speed) to Pingxiang, Shanghai South, Zhengzhou, Chengdu East, Beijing West, etc.

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Getting to Guilin North

By bus: # 1, 32, 100, and 302 (CNY 1 – 2 per person).

The nearest bus stop to Guilin North is the Guilin North Station bus stop (桂林北站 in Chinese), where pasengers can reach or leave Guilin North by bus.

By taxi: Taking taxi is also available.

From Guilin North to Guilin Main Station (South)

By bus: Travellers can take the No.100 bus from Guilin North bus stop (桂林北站) to Guilin Main Station (South) bus stop (桂林站, about 17 stops), and it takes you 40 – 50 minutes for the journey and costs you CNY 1 per person.

By train: Taking a train is also a good way to transfer between the two stations, but the only issue is to choose a train that suits your schedule. There are 14 daily trains travelling between Guilin North and Guilin Main Station, allowing you to reach Guilin Main from Gulin North in 15 minutes. The ticket fares is CNY 5 -7. For a live train schedule between Guilin North and Guilin Main, please enter “Guilin North” and “Guilin” at the search form on

Guilin North to Guilin Main by Train (Just to list a few)
Trains From – To Dept – Arri Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
1st Cls 2nd Cls Biz Cls
D8233 Guilin North – Guilin 09:40 – 09:54 14m 7 5.5 17.5
G431 Guilin North – Guilin 12:09 – 12:23 14m 7 5.5 17.5
D3525 Guilin North – Guilin 19:12 – 19:26 14m 7 5.5 17.5
More live schedule, please refer to

By taxi: If you are in a rush, you can also take a taxi from Guilin North to Guilin Main Station, and it will cost you CNY 25 – 35 and takes 20 – 30 minutes to get there.

For more information on this, just refer to the comments on TripAdvisor about how to get from Guilin North to Guilin South.

Guilin North Railway Station to Yangshuo

Travellers can go to Yangshuo from Guilin North with the following choices:

1. By bus: Take the No.100 bus from the bus stop Guilin North Station (桂林北站) to Guilin Bus Station (汽车站) first (around 40 – 45 minutes, ), then take an express bus from Guilin Bus Station to Yangshuo directly (around 1 hour and 10 minutes).

2. By train: Yangshuo Railway Station (22 km from downtown of Yangshuo) opened on January, 2016, which makes it possible to travel from Guilin to Yangshuo by train. Currently, both Guilin North and Guilin South have high speed train service to Yangshuo. You can take a high speed train from Guilin North to Yangshuo Railway Station first (from CNY 20.5 and around 35 minutes), then a shuttle bus from Yangshuo Railway Station to Yangshuo’s downtown (40 – 50 minutes bus ride and from CNY 20).

For a live train schedule between Guilin North and Yangshuo, just enter “Yangshuo” and “Guilin” at the search form on

Trains From – To Dept – Arri Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
1st Cls 2nd Cls Biz Cls
D8231 Guilin North – Yangshuo 12:17 – 12:50 33m 25 20.5
D8244 Guilin – Yangshuo 20:41 – 00:52 52m 32 26

Rail Routes

Guilin to Guangzhou Train; Guilin to Shenzhen Train; Nanning – Guilin – Yangshuo Train; Guilin to Sanjiang

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