Train Stations in Liuzhou: Liujiang – Zhangjiajie & Jishou Train

Liuzhou Railway Station

Liuzhou Railway Station is Liuzhou’s main train station operating high speed trains to Guilin, Nanning, Beihai, Wuzhou, Sanjiang in Guangxi Province, as well as bullet trains to Guangzhou South, Guiyang North, Shanghai Hongqiao, Xi’an North and Beijing West, etc. In addition, Liuzhou Railway Station also has some slow trains to Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing etc. It is located in Liunan District.

Be noted:  Very Important: Starting from January 5, 2019, the Liuzhou – Zhangjiajie train services (K748/k749, K1474/K1473, T281/T282) will be moved back to Liuzhou Railway Station (no longer use Liujiang Railway Station any more). If you have any questions, just ask Jack  

If you have any questions, just leave me comments!

New Building of Liuzhou Railway Station

  • Station name: Liuzhou Railway Station (柳州站)
  • Location: Liunan District in Liuzhou (柳州市柳南区)
  • Rail service: high speed train & regular train

Liujiang Railway Station

Liujiang Railway Station (柳江站) is located in Labao Town, Liujiang District of Liuzhou City in Guangxi Province, and is built in 1979 and linked by the Jiaozuo – Liuzhou Railway. In order to ease partial rail traffic pressure in Liuzhou Railway Station (the main train station in Liuzhou, 柳州站, which is undergoing refurbishment), Liujiang Railway Station, which used to be a station for freignt service, has been reopen for passenger service since January 5, 2017. Several slow train service that originally use Liuzhou Railway Station have been moved to stop at Liujiang Railway Station, including the popular trains to Zhangjiajie and Jishou (for Fenghuang). Don’t go to the wrong station!

  • Station name: Liujiang Railway Station (柳江站)
  • Location: Labao Town, Liujiang District of Liuzhou City (柳州市柳江区拉堡镇)

Map of Railways – Liuzhou

The railways in red & orange are high speed rails (for D or G trains) and the green lines are regular rails for K, T, Z trains. Just use this map to understand your rail trip.

Rail Journey: Liuzhou (Liujiang) – Zhangjiajie or Jishou (for Fenghuang)

 Starting from January 5, 2019, the following trains no longer use Liujiang Railway Station, but use the new Liuzhou Railway Station: Train K748/k749, K1474/K1473, T281/T282 

Local Transport to Liujiang Train Station

You can take public bus 10 or a taxi to get to Liujiang Station.

Transfer between Liuzhou Station & Liujiang Station

The best way to transfer btn Liuzhou station & Liujiang station is by taxi, CNY20-30, 15-20 mins
The best way to transfer btn Liuzhou station & Liujiang station is by taxi, CNY20-30, 15-20 mins

The main station Liuzhou Railway Station (柳州站) is about 13 kilometers from Liujiang Railway Station, and you can transfer between by taxi or bus. But taking a taxi is easier.

By bus: Take bus 16, 27, 59, 68, 90 from Liuzhou Railway Station to 柳州铁一中(Liuzhou Railway Middle School) bus stop, then change onto bus 10 to 柳江火车站 (Liujiang Station) bus stop.

By taxi: The easist way is taking a taxi from Liuzhou Railway Station, which may cost you 30 yuan.

Liujiang Train Schedule  Check Online

Check more for live schedule, just refer to
Train From Liujiang to Price from (CNY) Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type
2012 SanjiangXian 32.5 3h40m 1 Slow train
2012/K1474/T282 Jishou 124 9h50m 2 or 3 K train, slow train
2012/K1474/T282 Zhangjiajie 147 10.5-12hrs 2 or 3 K,T train

Travel by Train from Liuzhou to …

In this section, I will explains you how to travel by train from Liuzhou to major cities, telling you the best, fastest or cheapest way.

Liuzhou to Guilin by High Speed Train

The high speed train from Liuzhou to Guilin is using Liuzhou Railway Station (柳州站), and if you arrive at Liujiang Railway Station (柳江站), you will have to make a transfer to Liuzhou Railway Station, where there are numerous bullet trains to Guilin or Nanning.

Liuzhou to Fenghuang via Jishou by Train + Bus

You can travel from Liuzhou to Fenghuang via Jishou: First take a sleeper train from Liuzhou (using Liujiang Station) to Jishou Railway Station, then catch a bus from Jishou North Bus Station to Fenghuang. More details at Fenghuang page.

Liuzhou to Shenzhen by High Speed Train

There are no high speed trains linking Liuzhou with Shenzhen directly but only some K type slow trains. Usually, you will have to make a connection in Guilin. Here are the routes for your consideration:

Liuzhou to Shenzhen via Guilin by high speed train: There are numerous high speed trains from Liuzhou Railway Station to Guilin Railway Station or Guilin North Station (1 – 1h20m), just take one of them to Guilin first. Then, catch onto a connecting high speed train from Guilin North Station to Shenzhen North Station (3 daily G trains, 3 hrs, from CNY212). Be noted that the bullet trains from Guilin to Shenzhen departs from Guilin North Station, and if you arrive at Guilin Railway Station, you will have to transfer to Guilin North by bus or taxi. And you can buy tickets at

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    Tomorrow we have night train from Liujiang to Zhangjiajie
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    Date Journey Train Time
    2017/9/30 Liujiang/Zhangjiajie K748 20:52/08:16+
    ●Ticket Class: Hard Sleeper
    ●Passenger(s): X 5
    Carriage No.:12

  2. Just took an official taxi between the stations, cost me about 50 rmb. After some time or kilometers the counter continues in 4.8 units instead of 1,9 or so.

  3. Do you know how early the busses start? We arrive at Liujiang around 5am and would like to transfer by bus if possible, but not sure if they run that early. Also, do you know how long it takes? TIA.

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