Shanghai – Guilin & Yangshuo by Bullet Train

How to Travel Between Shanghai and Guilin & Yangshuo

Shanghai, the econimic center in east of China has convenient transports to Guilin and Yangshuo. You can fly from Shanghai to Guilin Lijiang Aiprort, or use the high speed train from Shanghai Hongqiao to Guilin Railway Station, even an overnight train from Shanghai South to Guilin North Station. This page explains you how to travel by train from Shanghai to Guilin and Yangshuo or vice verse, with useful transfer tips.

How far is Shanghai to Guilin & Yangshuo: The distance is around 1500 kilometers.

Rail Routes

The high speed trains running between Shanghai and Guilin will pass through Hangzhou, Jinhua, Shangrao, Nanchang, Changsha, etc.

Option 1. Shanghai – Guilin & Yangshuo by Direct Bullet Train

Bullet trains in China refers to those D G and C type high speed trains with a top speed of 200-350km/h.

Shanghai – Guilin: High speed train is the best way to travel between Shanghai and Guilin, which is comfortable, air-conditioned and runs on time. Currently, there are only one daily high speed train running between Shanghai & Guilin: G1501 from Shanghai Hongqiao to Guilin Train Station, and G1502 from Guilin Train Station to Shanghai Hongqiao. The journey time is 9-9.5 hours and ticket price is CNY695.5 for a second class seat.

Shanghai – Yangshuo: No direct high speed trains linking Shanghai and Yangshuo. You have to make a connection at Guilin (Shanghai – Guilin – Yangshuo). Take a bullet train from Shanghai to Guilin first, then a connectiong train to Yangshuo Train Station. Or take a train from Yangshuo to Guilin then a high speed train to Shanghai. See Shanghai to Yangshuo.

Tips: It is a quite long train ride from Shanghai to Guilin or vice verse, you may consider seating at 1st class or business class seat, which are more comfortable but a little expensive.

If the only one high speed train sells out, you can make a transfer at Hangzhou or Changsha, just see option 2.

Ticket Price, Duration Book Online

Shanghai – Guilin by direct high speed train (1 daily)
Train Type From – To Frequency 1st-Last Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
1st Cls 2nd Cls Biz Cls
G train Shanghai Hongqiao to Guilin 1 9-9.5h 1048.5 695.5 2054.5
G train Guilin to Shanghai Hongqiao 1 9-9.5h 1048.5 695.5 2054.5
For a live schedule & ticket availability, please refer to

Option 2: Shanghai – Guilin & Yangshuo via Hangzhou or Changsha

As there are only one direct high speed trains running between Shanghai and Guilin, tickets sometimes will be sold out. Then, you will have to make a connection at Hangzhou or Changsha.

Depart from Shanghai:

  • A: Shanghai – Hangzhou – Guilin & Yangshuo: Take one of the frequent trains from Shanghai to Hangzhou East Station, then connected by train to Guilin (4 trains daily).
  • B: Shanghai – Changsha – Guilin & Yangshuo: Take a high speed train from Shanghai Hongqiao to Changsha South Station (26 daily), then a high speed train to Guilin (14 daily).

Depart from Guilin or Yangshuo:

  • A: Guilin & Yangshuo – Changsha – Shanghai: Take a high speed train from Guilin to Changsha first, then a connecting high speed train to Shanghai Hongqiao. Trains run frequently.


Can I take a bus from Shanghai to Guilin?

It is not recommended to take a bus from Shanghai to Guilin as Guilin is very far from Shanghai. High speed trains are the best option, or flight is also fine.

How can I buy Shanghai to Guilin or Yangshuo train tickets?

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