Guangzhou South Railway Station

Guangzhou South Train Station

Guangzhou East Train Station
Guangzhou South Train Station

Guangzhou South Railway Station (Guangzhounan, Guangzhou Nan, 广州南站) is a train station for high speed train service in Guangzhou, which is located in Shibi Town, Panyu District. As one of the largest rail hub in South China, Guangzhou South serves frequenct high speed train service to or from Shenzhen, Changsha, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanning, Guilin, Kunming, Zhengzhou East Train Station, etc. The station has about 28 platforms and 3 levels and is well connected by metro service, public bus, taxi.

  • Station name: Guangzhou South Railway Station (Guangzhou Nan, Guangzhounan, 广州南站)
  • Location: Shibi, Panyu District of Guangzhou, see on Google map
  • Platforms: 28

Making a Train Connection

Sometimes your rail journey requires you to make a connection at Guangzhou South in order to change onto another train. However, many foreigners don’t know how to make such a connection and how much connection time should they allow for as they don’t get familar with the station. Here are some information that may help you.

How to Make a Connection / Transfer within Guangzhou South Station

If your connecting train leaves from the same station (Guangzhou South) that you arrive at, you don’t have to exit from the station then rejoint but simply follow the sign “Transfer” to go upstairs to level 3, where you’ll need to show your two tickets (previous trip & next trip) to the staffs when entering the gate. After you get into the waiting room (level 3), just look for the information screen which writes the Check-in gate (someting like A3, B3, sometimes can be seen at the right top corner of your ticket) for your connecting train, then go to the right check-in gate to wait for your connecting train’s departure.

Remember that Guangzhou South Railway Station has 4 levels, and the level 2 is for platforms & level 3 for waiting area, which means that your train always departs and leaves from the platform level (level 2), and your tickets are always check at the level 3. All you need to do is to go upstairs from level 2 to level 3, where to look for your next train, then go downstairs again to level 2 (changing platforms) to take your connecting train.

Example: Taking a train from Guilin North to Shenzhen North with a change of train at Guangzhou South. Since the direct high speed trains from Guilin to Shenzhen are limited (3 daily), you can go from Guilin North to Guangzhou South first, then a connecting train from Guangzhou South to Shenzhen North, which gives you more train options.

Here is how-to guide: Take a high speed train from Guilin North to Guangzhou South arriving at level 2, then get out from train & look for the “Transfer” sign (seen on screen & ground) which directs you go upstairs to level 3 where you look for the right check-in gate for your connecting train.

Guangzhou South – Baiyun Airport

By taxi: around 166 – 200 yuan, 1hour.

Train Connection to Hong Kong

Guangzhou South has no trains to Hong Kong, and usually you’ll have to make a transfer to Guangzhou East Railway Station (by metro line 2 and line 1, 40-50 mins), where you can catch the Guangzhou – Kowloon Through Train which arrives at Hung Hom Station in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Use for metro route plan.

For buying train tickets from Guangzhou East to Hung Hom HK online, you may contact

Transfer: Guangzhou South to Guangzhou East

Guangzhou East Train Station (GuangzhouDong, 广州东站) operates the through train service to Hung Hom Station in Kowloon of Hong Kong. Many passengers from Guangzhou South who wants to enter Hong Kong by direct trains (You can also go to Shenzhen to enter into Hong Kong) will have to make a transfer to Guangzhou East first. Just take metro line 2 at Guangzhou South (metro station) to Gongyuanqian (metro station), then change onto metro line 1 to reach at Guangzhou East, journey time 40 – 50mins.

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Trains from Guangzhou South

Check more for live schedule, just refer to
From Guangzhou South to Price (CNY) Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type
Shenzhen North 74.5 30-45m 109 G train
Guangzhou to Shanghai train 793 7-8.5h 4 G train
Beijing West 862 8.5-13h 5 G train
Xian North 813.5 7.5-9h 7 G train
Changsha South 314 2.5-3h 102 G train
Hangzhou East 720 6-7.5h 5 G train
Chengdu East 816.5 13.5-14h 2 G train
Chongqing North 720 11-11.5h 3 G train
Guiyang North 267.5 4.5-5.5h 23 G,D train
Guilin 137 2.5-3h 35 G,D train
Kunming South 434.5 6.5-9h 16 G,D train
Huangshan North 646 7h 1 G train
Yangshuo 117 2-2.5h 8 D train
Hengshan West 259 2-2.6h 11 G train
Nanchang West 472 4-4.5h 12 G train
Wuhan 463 4-4.5h 62 G train
Regional Train within Guangdong Province
From Guangzhou South to Price (CNY) Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type
Chaoshan 164 2.5-3.5h 10 G train
Zhuhai 70 1-1.5h 39 C train
Shaoguan 164.5 50m 67 G train
Jiangmen 40 40-50m 19 C train
Humen 34.5 17-24m 52 G train
Sanshui 15.5 27m 34 D train
Zhaoqing East 23.5 36m 56 D train
Yunfu East 42.5 1h 22 D, G train
Huizhou South 91 1h 8 G train
Qingyuan 39.5 24m 12 G train
Check more for live schedule, just refer to

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  1. Hi …can i buy the high speed bullet train ticket at guangzhou south station to go beijing railway west station. Is there a online website to buy high speed train ticket for guangzhou south – beijing west station.

    • There are no direct trains linking Guilin and Hong Kong, and you will have to make a transfer.
      1. Guilin-Shenzhen-Hong Kong: Take a bullet train from Guilin to Shenzhen North, then metro to Futian Checkpoint Station, from where you pass border control and walk into Lok Ma Chau Station at Hong Kong’side, then take MTR service East Rail Line to reach downtown.
      2. Guilin-Guangzhou-Shenzhen- Hong Kong: Take a bulllet train from Guilin to Guangzhou South, then a connecting bullet train to Shenzhen North, then metro to Futian Checkpoint Station, from where you pass border control and walk into Lok Ma Chau Station at Hong Kong’side, then take MTR service East Rail Line to reach downtown.

    • If you are departing from Guilin, you can buy tickets to Guangzhou South or Shenzhen North or any other routes at Guilin’s train stations. No problem at all. But sometimes you will be charged 5yuan for the route that is not departing from Guilin (eg: Guangzhou to Shenzhen).

  2. Hi… i would like to travel to Hongkong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau and Zhuhai.

    Could you please advice me which route is the best way to travel first as i am in free n easy trip and a first timer to China.. i have difficulty in understanding chinese so i am abit worried about this trip i am planning.

    Also i would like to visit the Glass Bridge at Qin Yuan, i wonder which destination is the nearest to that place (eg. Shenzhen or Guangzhou?) and what transport should i be taking to there. Bus? Train? i am on budget trip 🙂 so hope to get the best experience in low cost expenses 😀

    Thanks in advance for your help and information

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