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Rail Travel within Guangxi Province, China

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Guangxi Province has a well-developed high speed rail and regular rail network. Nearly all the major cities in Guangxi (except Yuli and Hechi) are connected with high speed rail. The high speed trains in Guangxi are safe, clean, air-conditioned and punctual, making it the ideal way to travel around Guangxi Province. The top 3 cities in Guangxi: Guilin, Nanning and Liuzhou with the mostt train connections can serve as your base cities. With direct trains or connecting trains, you can alway find a way to travel from one city to another city. For instance: travelling from Guilin to Beihai: you can travel on the direct bullet train from Guilin to Beihai (3 daily), or using connecting trains with a transfer at Nanning (25 daily from Guilin to Nanning, and 15 daily from Nanning to Beihai).

General Travel Information

High Speed Rail Line Map of Guangxi

guangxi high speed rail network map
High Speed Rail Network of Guangxi Province (only major stations marked)

Arriving Guangxi by Train

Guilin, Nanning are well connected by high speed rails with major capital cities in others provinces like Guangzhou & Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, Guiyang in Guizhou Province, Changsha in Hunan Province, Kunming in Yunnan Province (Kunming – Nanning HSR will open in the end of 2016), as well as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, etc. You can always find a high speed train to get into Guangxi. Travelers can even enter China into Nanning via the international train Nanning – Hanoi (T8701/8702; MR1/2).

High Speed Train Travel within Guangxi

For a live schedule & ticket availability, just refer to
Depart Direct high speed train frequency (D or G train) to major destinations Train Stations
From Nanning to Guilin (29 daily), Liuzhou (30 daily), Beihai (16 daily), Wuzhou (37 daily), Yangshuo (2 daily), Hezhou (3 daily), Sanjiang (1 daily), Baise (7 daily), Qinzhou (15 daily), Fangchenggang (4 daily), etc Train statons in Nanning
From Guilin to Nanning (29 daily), Liuzhou (32 daily), Xing’an (5 daily), Yangshuo (7 daily), Wuzhou (1 daily), Hezhou (34 daily), Beihai (5 daily), Qinzhou (5 daily), Fangchenggang (2 daily), etc Train statons in Guilin
From Beihai to Nanning (16 daily), Guilin (6 daily), Liuzhou (7 daily), Qinzhou (16 daily), Wuzhou (5 daily), etc Train statons in Beihai
From Liuzhou to Nanning (30 daily), Guilin (32 daily), Wuzhou (7 daily), Beihai (6 daily), Yangshuo (2 daily), etcs Train statons in Liuzhou
From Wuzhou to Nanning (37 daily), Guilin (1 daily), Liuzhou (7 daily), Beihai (5 daily), etc Train statons in Wuzhou

The cities listed above are the major cities in Guangxi with high speed train service available. In fact, the following cities, counties or towns including Laibin, Guigang, Binyang, Hepu, Luzhai, Yongfu, Gongcheng, Zhongshan, Guiping, Tengxian, Pingnan also have high speed train service.

Railway stations in major cities of Guangxi

Train stations in Nanning

See the pages: Nanning Railway Station, Nanning East Railway Station

Train stations in Guilin

See the pages: Guilin Railway Station (Main, South), Guilin North Railway Station, Guilin West Railway Station.

Train stations in Yangshuo: See the page Yangshuo Railway Station.

Train stations in Beihai

Beihai Railway Station (北海站): the only train station located in Beijing Lu, Haicheng District of Beihai (北海市海城区北京路, Location on Google Map, view at Baidu Street Map). Contact number: 0779-3209898. Bus links: No. 2, 10, 16, 17, 102 (at “火车站” stop).

Getting to Tourist Destinations:

Weizhou Island (涠洲岛): You can take a taxi from Beihai Railway Station to Beihai International Passenger Port (北海国际客运港, or called Beihai International Ferry Terminal, Google Map), from where you can buy ferry tickets (rangs from 120 – 150 yuan per ticket) to Weizhou Island. The ferry travel time can be 1 – 2.5 hours. There are usually about 3 ferrys running (depart: 08:30. 11:30. 16:00 & return: 10:00, 14:30, 17:00. Just for reference). The ferry schedule can be changeable.

Silver Beach (Yin Tan, 银滩, Google Map): The Silver Beach is about 8.2 km from Beihai Railway Station. Taking a taxi would cost you about 20 yuan.

Train Station in Qinzhou

Qinzhou has two train stations: Qinzhou East Railway Station (QinzhouDong, 钦州东站) is the station serving high speed trains, while Qinzhou Railway Station (Qinzhou, 钦州站) is the old station (lack information).

  • Station name: Qinzhou East Railway Station (QinzhouDong)
  • Location: Qinnan District, Qinzhou City (钦州市钦南区) View on Open Street Map
  • Open time: January 19, 2014
  • Platforms: 5
  • Distance: 6.5 km from Dongfang Square
  • Transportation links: Bus No. 8, 22, 27, k8, 91
  • Rail links: Guangxi Coastal Railway (links Qinzhou, Beihai, Fangchenggang), Nanning – Qinzhou HSR
  • Rail service: high speed trains ( D type)
  • Check live ticket availability & train schedule from Qinzhou: Enter “Qinzhou” at

Train Station in Fangchenggang

Fangchenggang has two train stations: Fangcheng North Railway Station (FangchenggangBei, 防城港北站) is the station serving high speed trains, while Fangchenggang Railway Station (Fangchenggang Station, 防城港站) is the old station (lack information).

  • Station name: Fangchenggang North Railway Station (FangchenggangBei)
  • Location: Fangcheng District, Fangchenggang City (防城港市防城区) View on Open Street Map
  • Open time: December 30, 2013
  • Platforms: 3
  • Distance:
  • Transportation links: Bus No. 4, 7, 9, 10, 105, 205
  • Rail links: Guangxi Coastal Railway (links Qinzhou, Beihai, Fangchenggang)
  • Rail service: high speed trains ( D type)
  • Check live ticket availability & train schedule from Fangchenggang: Enter “Fangchenggang” at

Train stations in Wuzhou

Wuzhou South Railway Station (WuzhouNan, 梧州南站): the station for high speed trains in Wuzhou, located in Longxu District of Wuzhou (梧州市龙圩区, Location on OpenStreet Map). Bus links: No. 48. 49, 50, 303, 307.

Train stations in Liuzhou

Liuzhou Railway Station (柳州站): Liuzhou Station is located on Nanzhan Lu, Liunan District of Liuzhou City (柳州市柳南区南站6号, Location on Google Map, view at Baidu Street Map). Contact Number: 0772-3922222. Bus links: No. 5, 7, 14, 16, 24, 29, 32, 33, 42, 53, 65, 68, 90, 92, 97, 99, 35. BRT 1, 2, 8, 9.

Train station in Sanjiang: see the page: Sanjiang Railway Stations & Sanjiang to Guilin page

Train stations in Hezhou

Hezhou Railway Station (贺州站) is the only train station in Hezhou and located in Huangtian Town (黄田镇), Pinggui (平桂) of Hezhou City (贺州市), serving high speed trains to and from Guilin, Yangshuo, Sanjiang, Nanning, Guangzhou, etc.

Getting to Huangyao Ancient Town: After arriving by your train at Hezhou Railway Station, you can go to take the Bus No.1 (06:30 – 21:30, departs every 15 minutes, 1 RMB per person) to Hezhou WestBus Station (Keyun Xizhan, 客运西站), from where you can take the dedicated bus to Huangyao Ancient Town (06:30 – 17:30, 30 RMB, Departs every 1 hour).

New option to Huangyao: An once-daily express bus service between Hezhou Railway Station and Huangyao Ancient Town has been opened since December 10, 2015, taking 45 minutes and costing 25 yuan per person. The express departs from Hezhou Railway Station at 11:20, and returns from Huangyao at 14:00.

Train Station in Baise

Baise Railway Station (百色站) is mainly handing the passenger service on the Nanning – Kunming Railway (non-high-speed), Nanning – Guangzhou HSR and the Nanning – Kunming High Speed Railway (to open in 2016), around 234 km from Nanning Railway Station and 594 km from Kunming Railway Station.

  • Station name: Baise Railway Station (Baise)
  • Location: Youjiang District of Baise City (百色市)
  • Open time: Octorber 17, 2014
  • Platforms: 4
  • Distance: 6.2 km from central Baise
  • Transportation links: Bus No.1,4
  • Rail links: Nanning – Guangzhou HSR, Nanning – Kunming HSR
  • Rail service: D train & K train

Outbound trains from Guangxi:

Nanning – Kunming Train, Guilin – Guangzhou Train, Yangshuo – Guangzhou Train, Guilin – Shenzhen Train; Nanning – Guilin – Yangshuo Train

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