Nanning Railway Station


Located in No. 28, Zhonghua Lu, Xingning District, Nanning City, Guangxi (广西南宁市兴宁区中华路28号), Nanning Railway Station (南宁站) is seving as the main train staion in Nanning and operating regional trains to Liuzhou, Nanning, Wuzhou, Guigang, Qinzhou, Beihai and Lainbin cities within Guangxi, and provincial trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Kunming, Xiamen, Nanjing, etc, as well as the international trains (The Beijing-Nanning-Hanoi Through Train: Z5/T8701/MR1) to Hanoi in Vietnam.

If you want to read information on another high speed train station in Nanning, please refer to Nanning East Railway Station.

How to Get to Nanning Railway Station

You can take a bus or taxi to get to Nanning Railway Station, or metro in the future (Nanning is constructing its metro system now).

By bus: 5, 9, 10, 19, 21, ,24, 31, 32, 33, 41, 202, 203, 204, 208, 212, etc.

By metro (in the future): Metro line 1 and line 2 (under construction).

Nanning Railway Station to Wuxu Airport

Nanning Railway Station is around 34 km from the airport.

By Airport Shuttle Bus: Take the airport shuttle bus line 1 at Vienna Hotel (from 5:30 to 22:30, CNY 20 per person), around 350 m from Nanning Railway Station. The shuttle bus departs every 30 minutes, and the journey will take you around 2 hours.

By Taxi Taking a taxi would be the best and fastest option for catching your flights as Wuxu Airport is quite far from Nanning Station. It will cost you CNY 100 from the station to the airport (for reference).

International Train from Nanning to Hanoi, Vietnam: T8701

T8701 train goes from Nanning Railway Station to Ga Gia Lam in Hanoi, Vietnam. Passengers can buy tickets for this international train at the no. 1 ticket window in Nanning Railway Station with your visa, passport, and ID card. Tickets (only for soft sleeper) can be bought 18 days before departure. You can buy the international tickets with an online ticket agent:

Table updated on December 10, 2015  See the Nanning to Hanoi train page.

T8701 Stops
Train Days Arrive Depart
T8701 1st Day 18:10 Nanning (南宁)
20:04 20:10 Chongzuo (崇左)
22:01 23:41 Pingxiang (凭祥)
China / Vietnam
MR2 1st Day 23:22 1:55 Ga Dong Dang
2nd Day 4:33 4:36 Bac Giang
5:30 Hanoi
(Gia Lam)

Others Rail Route

Nanning to Guilin and Yangshuo; Nanning to Kunming

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