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Zhuhai – Hengqin by Train

Zhuhai – Hengqin by Intercity Train

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Zhuhai – Hengqin by Train in 22 mins

Timetable, Price & Duration

Zhuhai Railway Station – Hengqin Railway Station by Train
Trains From – To Frequency Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
2nd Cls 1st Cls Biz Cls
C trains Zhuhai -Hengqin 21 22m 9
C trains Hengqin – Zhuhai 21 22m 9
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As of October, 2020, there are around 21daily C trains (high speed train) linking Zhuhai Railway Station (near Gongbei Port) and Hengqin Railway Station (next to Hengqin Port, Hengqin Checkpoint, Posto Fronteiriço de Hengqin) in 22 minutes in each direction, and the fare is CNY 9 for a second class seat.

Hengqing Railway Station is an underground train station in B2 level of Hengqin Port Building, and people can walk across the border port to get to or from the Lotus Checkpoint (Posto Fronteiriço da Flor de Lótus), from where you can access Macau.

Zhuhai – Zhuhai Airport Intercity Railway

No Station name EN Chinese Name Railway Connection Metro
1 Zhuhai 珠海 Guangzhou – Zhuhai Itercity Railway
2 Wanzai North 湾仔北
3 Wanzai 湾仔 Taipa – Barra station
4 Shizimen 十字门
5 Hengqin North 横琴北
6 Hengqin 横琴 Hengqin Extension
7 Zhuhai Changlong 珠海长隆
8 Jingwan 井湾
9 Hezhou South 鹤洲南
10 Sanzao East 三灶东
11 Zhuhai Airport 珠海机场

Zhuhai – Zhuhai Airport intercity railway is an extension line of the Guangzhou – Zhuhai intercity Railway. The construction work of the extension line will be split into two stages: Phrase 1 from Zhuhai Railway Station to Zhuhai Changlong has been completed and started operation on August 18 in 2020. Phase 2 from Zhuhai Changlong to Zhuhai Airport will be open in 2023. Now passengers can travel from Zhuhai Railway Station to Zhuhai Changlong by CRH regional train in 30 minutes, and the fare is CNY11.

Hengqin Railway Station

Hengqin Train Station (横琴站, location on Google map), opened service on August 18 in 2020, is an underground train station in the B2 level of Hengqin Port (Posto Fronteiriço de Hengqin), serving regional intercity trains to or from Zhuhai Railway Station, Wanzai, Zhuhai Changlong Station. In the future it wll add services to or from Zhuhai Airport.

New Hengqin Port to Link Macau & Zhuhai

As the new Hengqin Port officially opened on August 18 in 2020, the passenger clearance services by previous Hengqin Checkpoint and Macau’s Lotus Checkpoint has been relocated to the new Hengqin Port. See the news here. The new port will adapt a Joint Inspection & One-time Release customs clearance mode, and all the immigration procedures are done in the new port, allowing passengers to cross from Zhuhai and Macau in a few minutes.

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Extension Line to Link Hengqin Checkpoint & Lotus Checkpoint

An extension line to link Hengqin Checkpoint in Zhuhai and Lotus Checkpoint in Taipa Island of Macau is going to build in the future. When completed, people can go diect via Macau’s Light Rapid Transit to Hengqin Port in Zhuhai and access mainland China by high speed trains from Zhuhai Railway Station.

Other Rail Routes

Zhuhai to Guangzhou Airport, Macau to Guangzhou via Gongbei, Zhuhai to Guilin train

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