How to Travel between Dongguan & Hong Kong Airport

Dongguan – HK Airport

How to Get from Dongguan to Hong Kong Airport

There are several ways to travel between Dongguan and Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), high speed train + airport express; or by Skypier Ferry

Map of Stations & High Speed Rail

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How to Take a Train from HK West Kowloon

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1. High Speed Train + Airport Express

You can travel between Dongguan and Hong Kong International Airport by high speed train + airport express, whcih is the most usual way. The high speed trains linking Dongguan and Hong Kong are using Humen Railway Station in Dongguan and Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, taking just about 40 minutes. While there are also metro trains namely airport express connecting Kowloon Station (close to HK West Kowloon Train Station) and Hong Kong Airport (refer to Hong Kong Airport – West Kowloon Station by airport express), which depart at approximately 15 – 30 minutes intervals from 05:54 to 00:48 daily.

From Dongguan to HK Airport: Humen Railway Station can be reached by Dongguan’s Rail Transit Line 2. From here, you catch a high speed train to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station first, then walk to the MTR station Kowloon Station from where you catch the Airport Express to Airport Station (HKIA) in 22 minutes, and the fare is HK$ 105 for an adult and $52.5 for a child.

Reference: Hong Kong to Humen by high speed train

From HK Airport to Dongguan: After your flight landing at Hong Kong Airport, you just go to take the airport express to Kowloon Station in 22 minutes, then walk to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, from where you connect to a high speed train to Humen Railway Station in Dongguan. From Humen Station, you can take Dongguan’s Rail Transit Line 2 to get to others places.

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HK – Dongguan Humen High Speed Train Schedule, Ticket Price & Duration

Hong Kong West Kowloon – Humen Dongguan
Trains From – To Frequency Duration Ticket Fares (CNY/HK$)
1st Cls 2nd Cls Biz Cls
G trains HK West Kowloon to Humen 20 daily ¥268 ¥178 ¥373
G trains Humen to HK West Kowloon 13 daily $308 $204 $428
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Airport Express

You can travel between Hong Kong Airport and West Kowloon Station (use Kowloon Station) by airport express.

From To First Train Last Train Journey Time
Hong Kong Airport 05:50 00:48 24m
Kowloon Airport 05:53 00:52 21m
Tsing Yi Airport 06:00 00:59 13m
Use HK MTR journey planner to plan your trip

How to Take a High Speed Train from Humen Railway Station

Hong Kong Train Video

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China train travel video guide by  (Promo code: ct123) 

HK West Kowloon

Arrive HK by train

2.By Skypier Ferry Service

Skypier (海天客运码头) is a cross-boundary ferry pier integrated within Hong Kong International Airport, from where passengers abroad can transit from Hong Kong Airport to piers in Guangdong Province including Hong Kong – Macau Ferry Terminal (location on Google map)in Humen of Dongguan City or vice verse.

Ferry services between Hong Kong International Airport Skypier and Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal in Humen of Dongguan are operated by Sea’s Young (狮子洋飞航). Sea’s Young operates 5 ferry services daily between Hong Kong Airport Skypier and Humen of Dongguan. Journey time is about 1h 20 minutes.

  • HK – Macau Ferry Terminal
  • Skypier Ferry by Sea’s Young

Hong Kong Airport Skypier – Humen in Dongguan Ferry Schedule & Ticket Price

Dongguan Humen to HKG Airport Skypier HKG Airort Skypier to Dongguan Humen
8:15 10:15 12:00 14:30 16:00 10:30 12:30 14:00 16:30 18:30
Live schedule & buy ticket at Sea’s Young or CKS site
Humen→HK International Airport            Unit:RMB HK International Airport→Humen        Unit:HKD
Level  Economy Class Super Class Premier Class Level Economy Class Super Class Premier Class
Adult 300 400 480 Adult 310 360 460
Child 200 250 290 Child 210 260 310

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