Dongguan – Shenzhen Baoan Airport by High Speed Train

Dongguan – Shenzhen Bao’an Airport by Train

Now, you get another transport option to travel between Dongguan and Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (SZX) – that is the high speed train, which is the modern, fast, comfortable and affordable.

A new high speed rail called Guangzhou – Shenzhen Intercity Railway has been opened on December 25 in 2019, linking directly Shenzhen Bao’an Airport (using Shenzhen Airport Railway Station ) with Dongguan’s towns and areas including Zhongtang, Wangniudun, Shatian, Houjie, Humen and Chang’an Town, etc, allowing you to travel between Dongguan & Shenzhen airport by CRH6A train in 20 – 70 minutes.

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Guangzhou – Shenzhen Intercity Rail Network Map

Shenzhen Airport Train Station close to Shenzhen Bao’an Airport serves as the terminal of Guangzhou – Shenzhen Intercity Railway. The rail also links Chang’an, Chang’an West, Humen East, Houjie, Dongwanggang, Dongguan West, Wangniudun, Zhongtang in Dongguan City.

Train Schedule, Fares & Duration

From Dongguan to Shenzhen Airport by train: From Dongguan, you have many station options to choose from for your departure to Shenzhen Airport Railway Station (or called Shenzhen Jichang, shenzhenjichang, next to Bao’an Airport. Jichang = Airprot) , since the Guangzhou – Shenzhen Intercity Railway links many train stations in towns of Dongguan. Depending on which areas you are in towns of Dongguan, you can get to the closest train station to catch your high speed trains to Shenzhen Airport. Just see the table below. There are about 17 – 21 daily trains linking Shenzhen Airport with different train stations in Dongguan, travel time ranges from 20 – 75 minutes and the tciekt fares are fairly cheap.

From Shenzhen Airport to Dongguan by train: After your flight lands on Shenzhen Baoan Airport, you just go to find the Shenzhen Airport Railway Station, which is next to the airport terminal. From Shenzhen Airport Train Station, there are high speed trains to towns of Dongguan including Changan, Humen, Houjie, Shatian, Wangniudun and Zhongtang, Hongmei, etc. Just select the one closest to your final destination.

Live Shenzhen Airport – Dongguan West Train Schedule

Dongguan – Shenzhen Baoan Airport train schedule, price & travel time
Areas Dept Station CN Name From – To Duration Frequency Fare
Zhongtang Zhongtang 中堂 Zhongtang – Shenzhen Airport 1h15 16 44
Wangniudun Wangniudun 望牛墩 Wangniudun – Shenzhen Airport 1h10 19 41
Wangniudun Dongguan West 东莞西 DongguanXi – Shenzhen Airport 1h 21 38
Hongmei Hongmei 洪梅 Hongmei – Shenzhen Airport 1h 17 36
Shatian Dongguangang 东莞港 Dongguangang – Shenzhen Airport 55m 18 30
Houjie Houjie 厚街 Houjie – Shenzhen Airport 48m 18 27
Humen Humen North 虎门北 Humenbei – Shenzhen Airport 42m 21 24
Humen Humen East 虎门东 Humendong – Shenzhen Airport 37m 17 21
Chang’an Changan West 长安西 Chang’anXi – Shenzhen Airport 28m 18 17
Chang’an Changan 长安 Changan – Shenzhen Airport 24m 18 14
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Shenzhen Airport Railway Station or called Shenzhen Jichang (shenzhenjichang) is the terminal station of Guangzhou – Shenzhen Intercity Railway, next to Shenzhen Baoan Airport (SZX).

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