Leshan Railway Station

Leshan Train Station

Leshan Railway Station (乐山火车站 or 高铁乐山站 or 乐山站) is located at Ruixiang Rd, Shizhong District, Leshan City (乐山市市中区瑞祥路), 140 km north of Chengdu East and 30 km west of Emeishan High Speed Railway Station, and 960 km from Kunming Railway Station. The station with 9 platforms has 3 floors. The first floor and second floor is relatively for ticket hall and passenger’s waitting area, while the third floor is the workplace for the station staffs. It serves as an intermedate stop on the Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Intercity High Speed Rail linking with Chengdu, Shuangliu Airport and Emeishan.

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From Leshan Railway Station to Giant Buddha

Travelers can take the Bus No.3 and get down at Dafo Si station (Giant Buddha Temple, 大佛寺站) to get to the scenic area. It is a 40-minute bus ride and will cost CNY 1 per person.

Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Train Station Schedule

Leshan Train Station has frequesnt C trains to Emeishan, Chengdu, Shuangliu Airport, Qingshen, Mianyang, Jiangyou, Meishan East. It is quite convenient for travelers to visit Mount Emei, Chengdu, or catch flights in Shuangliu Airport Train Station from Leshan Station.

The timetable below maybe somewhat out of date, you can refer to http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-trains/

From To Train Number Duration Ticket Price
First Class Second Class
Emeishan C6251, C6307, C6301, C6311…
13 C trains from 08:39 to 21:54
15m 13 11
Shuangliu Airport C6302, C6308, C6252, C6254…

8 C trains from 07:39 to 21:05
41m-56m 55 46
Chengdu South
C6302, C6308, C6310 , C6314
8 C trains from 07:39 to 21:05
54m-1h9m 61 51
Chengdu East C6308, C6310, C6312, C6314…
14 C trains from 11:06, to 22:01
52m-1h14m 65 54
Mianyang C6302, C6308, C6312, C6304…
7 C trains from 07:39 to 17:00
2h13m-1h34m 119 99
Jiangyou C6302, C6304, C6306, C6308…
7 C trains from 07:39 to 17:00
2h38m-2h57m 138 115

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How to Get to Leshan Raiwlay Station

Passengers can take Bus No. 1, 3, and 22 to get to Leshan Train Station. The bus routes are showed below:

Bus No.1 towoards Leshan Train Station (from 6:30 – 22:30)

1. Xiaoba Police Station (肖坝派出所) – 2. Foreign Language School (外国语学院) – 3. Technology Institute (理工学院) – 4. Xiaoba Tourist Bus Station (肖坝旅游车站)- 5. Zhiyuan Banzhuwan Xiao (职院斑竹湾校)- 6. Leshan Normal Colleage (乐山师范学院)- 7.Moruo Square (沫若广场)- 8. Hupo Suo (湖泊所)- 9. Tuqiao Jie (土桥街)- 10.Gaobeimen (高北门)- 11.Daqukou (大曲口)- 12. Mishui yuan (泌水院)- 13. Xia Guanyin (下观音)- 14.Shiyan Er (石雁儿)- 15. Beimenqiao (北门桥)- 16. Audit Office (市审计局)- 17.Yang’s Garden (杨家花园)- 18.Gaodunzi (高墩子)- 19. Lianyun Bus Station (联运车站)- 20.Justice Bureau (市司法局)- 21. Longyou Lu Tongjiang (龙游路通江路口)- 22. Longyou Lu Baiyan (龙游路白燕路口)- 23. Wanghe Yuan (王河园)- 24. Hexiang Lu North Section (鹤祥路北段)- 25. Leshan No.8 Middle School (乐山八中)- 26. Leshan Railway Station (高铁乐山站)

Bus No.3 towoards Leshan Train Station (from 6:48 – 22:30, CNY 1/Person)

1. Jiahua Cement Plant (嘉华水泥厂) – 2. Wuyou Temple (乌尤寺) – 3. Dongfang Fodu (东方佛都)- 4. Huahu Wan (花湖湾)- 5. Dafo Si (大佛寺)- 6. Baxian Dong (八仙洞)- 7. Jiading Fang (嘉定坊)- 8. Minjiangyiqiaoxi (岷江一桥西)- 9.Yangguang Sqaure (阳光广场)- 10.Mishuiyuan (泌水院)- 11. Zhanggongqiao Dashichang (张公桥大市场)- 12. Xujiabian Lukou (徐家扁路口)- 13.Zhijiang Lukou (致江路口)- 14. Jijiu Zhongxin (急救中心)- 15. Changjiang Shichang (长江市场)- 16. Shijiaowei (市交委)- 17. Jiazhou Avenue (嘉州大道)- 18.Leshan Sqaure (乐山广场)- 19. Lezhongyou Leyuan (乐中游乐园)- 20.Zhaoxia Lu (朝霞路)- 21.Zhaoxialu Boyang Lukou (朝霞路柏杨路口)- 22.Keyun Zhongxin (客运中心)- 23.Shiyan Yishu School (实验艺术学校)- 24.Mapuer (马铺儿)- 25.Leshan Railway Station (高铁乐山站)

Bus No.22 towoards Leshan Train Station (from 6:40 – 22:30, CNY 1/Person)

1. Haitang Park (海棠公园) – 2. Xincun Cinema (新村电影院) – 3. Shidangwei School (市委党校)- 4.Qingguoshan Lukou (青果山路口)- 5. Renmin Bei Lu (人民北路)- 6. Shiwei sushe Chunhua Lukou (市委宿舍春华路)- 7. Library (市图书馆)- 8. Commercial Bank (市商业银行)- 9. City Finance Bureau (市财政局)- 10. Telecommunication Tower (市电信大楼)- 11.Court (区法院)- 12.Chunhua Fenghuang Lukou (春华路凤凰路口)- 13. Chunhua Jiaxing Lukou (春华路嘉兴路口)- 14. Chunhua North Section (春花路北段)- 15. Panlong Xiaoqu (蟠龙小区)- 16.No.8 School (乐山八中)- 17. Leshan Railway Station (高铁乐山站).

Popular Routes

Chengdu to Leshan train, Leshan to Emeishan Train, Leshan to Shuangliu Airport

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