Emeishan High Speed Railway Station

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E’meishan Railway Station (The new station opened in 2014) (Chinese name: 峨眉山火车站 or 高铁峨眉山站) is a high speed railway station located near the famous Mount E’mei Scenice Area (峨眉山风景区) in E’meishan City, Sichuan Province. Currently, it mainly operates C trains (inter-city high speed train, 250-300 km/h) along the Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Intercity High Speed Rail Line.

This station has 2 platforms and 3 rail tracks.

Station Address: Xiuhu Avenue, Emeishan City, Leshan City, Sichuan Province (四川省乐山市峨眉山市秀湖大道).

Emeishan High Speed Train Station Waiting Mall of Emeishan Railway Station Emeishan Train Station Square

Note: Emeishan City has 2 railway stations, the other one is the old station called Emei Railway Station (峨眉站, located in Shengli Town in Emei City, 峨眉山市胜利镇) which mainly operates low speed trains (K trains). It takes a 20-minute bus ride from Emeishan Station to Emei Station.

How to Get to Emeishan Railway Station

By Bus:

Passengers can take bus No. 5A, 5B, 8 and 11 to Emeishan Railway Station. Here are the routes for each bus:

Bus No. 5A route (From 7:00 am to 21:30 pm, CNY 1 per person):

Emeishan Railway Station (高铁峨眉山站) – Maluqiao (马路桥站) – Tianxiamingshan (天下名山站) – Lvyouche (旅游车站) – Dajiudian (大酒店站) – Baoguo Temple (报国寺)

See the photos of Bus No.5A Below:

Bus 5a to Emei High Speed Train Station

Bus No.5B route (From 7:00 am to 21:30 pm, CNY 1 per person):

Emeishan Railway Station (高铁峨眉山站) – Yaozhongxiao (药中校站) – Mingshan Jiayouzhan (名山加油站) – Yanggang (杨岗站) – Emei Xueya (峨眉雪芽站) – Chuanzhulukou (川主路口站) – Jinfo Hotel (金佛宾馆站) – Danan (大楠站) – Foguang Square (佛光广场站)

Bus No.11 route (From 6:40 am to 19:00 pm, CNY 1 per person):

Emeishan RailwayStation (高铁峨眉山站) – Emeiyuanzi(峨眉院子站) – Jinxiu Lukou (金秀路口站)- Dafo Chanyuan West Gate (大佛禅院西门)- Yunpeng Daxia(云鹏大厦) – Hongcun Lu (红椿路) – Xinglongjie (兴隆街) – Yunhai Bei Lu (云海北路) – Gong’anju (公安局)- Fuwenqiao (符文桥) –Zhuye Qingcha Boyuan (竹叶青茶博苑) – Xinping Lukou (新坪路口) – City North Bus Station (城北客运站) – West Ring Rd (西环路口) – Feilai Dian (飞来殿)

Bus No.8 route (From 7:00 am to 19:00 pm, CNY2 per person):

Chengdu Junqu Emei Liaoyangyuan (成都军区峨眉疗养院) – Tianxiamingshan (天下名山站) – Wequan Lukou (温泉路口站) – Emeishan Railway Station (峨眉山高铁站) – Emei Yuanzi (峨眉院子站) – Jinxiu Lukou (金秀路口站) – Dafo Chanyuan West Gate (大佛禅院西门站) – Dafo Lukou (大佛路口) – Wenhua Square (文化广场站) – Xiangcheng Waitan (象城外滩站) – Ganhe Nongmao Shichang (甘河农贸市场站) – Zhijianju (质监局站) – Guangnan Lukou (光南路口站) – Emei Railway Station (峨眉火车站) – Nansheng Lukou (南盛路口站).

How to Get from E’meishan Railway Station to Mount E’mei Scenic Area

1. As E’meishan Railway Station is very close to the Mount E’mei Scenic Area, travelers can walk directly there in 10 – 15 minutes.

2. Travelers can also take Bus No. 5A to the visitor center in Baoguo Temple (报国寺).

3. You may also take a tourist coach outside the station to the Leidongping (雷洞坪, One of the attractions on Mount E’mei). The fare for a round-trip ticket is CNY 90 per person, and bus ride is around 2 hours.

Train Schedule for E’meishan Railway Station (high speed)

As a terminus for the C trains on the Chengdu – Mianyang – Leshan Intercity Rail Line, E’meishan Railway Station has frequent passenger services to or from Leshan, Shuangliu, Meishan East, Shuangliu Airport Station (train station, 双流机场站), Chengdu South, Chengdu East, Mianyang, Jiangyou, Qingbaijiang East, etc. Below is the train timetable for some major destinations.

Destinations Train Numbers Duration Ticket Price Book
To Leshan C6302, C6304, C6306…
13 services 07:20 – 21:43
15 mins 1st Class: CNY 13
2nd Class: CNY 11
To Chengdu South C6302, C6304, C6306…
8 services 07:20 – 20::47
1h 12 mins – 1h 28 mins 1st Class: CNY 74
2nd Class: CNY 62
To Chengdu East C6308, C6314, C6254…
13 services 10:48 – 21::43
1h 10 mins – 1h 32 mins 1st Class: CNY 78
2nd Class: CNY 65
To Shuangliu Airport Train Station C6310, C6312, C6308…
8 services 07:20 – 20::47
1h 7 mins – 1h 15 mins 1st Class: CNY 68
2nd Class: CNY 56

How to Get from E’meishan Train Station (high-speed) to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport via Shuangliu Airport Railway Station

Shuangliu Airport Railway Station (双流机场站) is a newly-opened (December, 2014) underground train station, which is integrated into the Terminal 2 of Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. It serves as an intermediate stops on the Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Intercity Rail Line, and links E’meishan Railway Station with Shuangliu Airport, which allows passengers to get to Shuangliu Airport Terminal 2 from Emeishan directly via C trains. Below is the train schedule from E’meishan Railway Station to Shuangliu Airport Station (双流机场站).

Train No. Dept – Arri Duration Ticket Price Book
C6302 07:20 – 08:28 1h 8 mins 1st Class: CNY 68
2nd Class: CNY 56
C6304 09:17 – 10:30 1h 13 mins
C6308 10:48 – 12:01 1h 13 mins
C6310 12:22 – 13:37 1h 15 mins
C6312 14:10 – 15:17 1h 07 mins
C6252 15:46 – 16:53 1h 07 mins
C6254 17:31 – 18:40 1h 09 mins
C6262 20:47 – 21:46 59 mins

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