Zhengzhou Railway Stations: East, West & Main Station

Train Stations in Zhengzhou, Henan Province

Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province, is one of the most important transport hubs in China. Its three rail hubs operates hundreds of trains daily, making them the busiest railway stations in China. Its Zhengzhou East Railway Station operates 355 trains daily, all of which are G or D type high speed trains. Zhengzhou Railway Station, also sometimes referred as Zhengzhou Main Train Station handles 162 trains daily including high speed trains (G and D trains) and a few normal trains (T, Z, K trains). And Zhengzhou West Railway Station operates 23 trains daily,only for high speed train service.

Besides, Xinzheng Airport Railway Station (Xinzheng Jichang) , opened in December of 2015, is serving as a Airport-Rail link system which connects Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport with Zhengzhou East Railway Station and Zhengzhou Railway Station by C type high speed trains in 20 – 25 minutes. It operates 18 trains daily.

Train Station Map

Zhengzhou train station map

Zhengzhou East Railway Station

Zhengzhou East Train Station (Zhengzhoudong, Zhengzhou Dong, Chinese name: 郑州东站) is located in Zhengdong New District (郑东新区), about 35km from Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport and serving as a high speed train station along the Beijing-Guangzhou HSR, Xuzhou-Lanzhou HSR, Zhengzhou-Hefei HSR etc. It begun construction in 2009 and competed construction in 2012 with 16 platforms and 32 tracks.

Zhangzhou East mainly serves D and G type high speed trains to or from Beijing West, Guangzhou South, Shanghai Hongqiao, Xian North, Shenzhen North, Futian, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin West, Wuhan, Lanzhou West, Nanchang West, Nanning East, etc.

How to Get to Zhengzhou East Train Station

You can travel to Zhengzhou East Station by public bus B5, B25, B38, B501, 14, 165, 319, 916, 129, 162, etc, or get there (at Zhengzhou East Railway Station metro stop)by metro line 1, or the future line 5 (to be open in 2018)and line 8 (not open yet).

Zhengzhou Railway Station

Zhengzhou Railway Station (Chinese name: 郑州站), sometimes called Zhengzhou Main Station, is an very important rail hub of China, which is located in Erqi District of Zhengzhou City with Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Longhai Railway, Zhengzhou-Xian HSR, Zhengzhou-Luoyang Intercity Railway linking through. The station has 7 platforms with 13 tracks and it is regarded as one of the busiest railway station in China, serving Z, K, T type regular trains or D, C, G type high speed trains to or from Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport, Xian North, Shanghai Hongqiao, Guangzhou South, Luoyang Longmen, Lanzhou West, Beijing West, etc.

How to Get to Zhengzhou Train Station

You can get onboard Zhengzhou’s metro line 1 (which also connects Zhengzhou East Station) to travel to Zhengzhou Train Station. Besides, you can also take BRT B60, B20, B17, B21, B12, B501, B502 or public bus 101, 108, 12, 26, 28, 34, 2, 65 etc to get to Zhengzhou Railway Station.

Zhengzhou West Railway Station

Zhengzhou West Train Station (Zhengzhou Xi, ZhengzhouXi, Chinese name: 郑州西站), originally called Xingyang Railway Station, is located in Xingyang City of Zhengzhou, about 15 km from city center of Zhengzhou. It changed its name as Zhengzhou West Station on June 6 of 2014 and begun offering passenger service on December 18 of 2015. Now it is mainly serving as a high speed train station handling 23 high speed serive daily to Nanning East, Lanzhou West, Shanghai Hongqiao, Xian North, Beijing West, Nanjing South, etc.

How to Get to Zhengzhou West Train Station

You can take public bus 12, 1, 2, 3, 9, 19 etc in Xingyang City to get to Zhengzhou West. In the future, Zhengzhou West will be connected to metro line 10.

Train Schedule

From – To Price Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type Availability
Zhengzhou to Beijing 309 2.5-3.5h 54 G Check
Zhengzhou to Shanghai Hongqiao 453 5-5.5h 21 D,G Check
Zhengzhou to Xian North 229 2-2.5h 59 D,G Check
Zhengzhou to Guangzhou South 653 6-7h 23 G Check
Zhengzhou to Shijiazhuang 189.5 2h 69 G Check
Zhengzhou to Taiyuan South 257 3.5-4.5h 4 G Check
Zhengzhou to Changsha South 393.5 3.5-4h 46 G Check
Zhengzhou to Jinan 298.5 3.5-4h 17 G Check
Zhengzhou to Hangzhou East 431 5-5.5h 10 G Check
Zhengzhou to Lanzhou West 413 5.5-6h 12 G Check

Getting to Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport

Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Aiport (CGO) is located 37 kilometers from city center of Zhengzhou, 34 km from Zhengzhou East Station, 36km from Zhengzhou Railway Station, and 58km from Zhengzhou West Station. Passengers can travel between airport and train stations in Zhengzhou using taxi, airport shuttle bus, or high speed trains or the future metro line 2.

Getting to or from Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport
From/To Distance Metro High Speed Train Airport Bus By Taxi
Zhengzhou East 34km 20mins, CNY12, 18 Daily 50mins, CNY75
Zhengzhou Station 36km 27mins, CNY16, 3 Daily 46mins, CNY80
Zhengzhou West 58km 52mins, CNY140

By High Speed Train

From Zhengzhou East Station to Xinzheng Airport: There are 18 C type intercity high speed trains daily linking Zhengzhou East and Xinzheng Airport, taking about 20 minutes and costing from 12 yuan for a second class seat.

From Zhengzhou Station to Xinzheng Airport: The C trains running between Zhengzhou Railway Station and Xinzheng Airport Station are limited, only 3 trains daily, taking 26 mins and costing 16 yuan for a second class seat. But you can get from Zhenzhou Railway Staton to Zhengzhou East by metro line 1 in 26 minutes, from where to catch a C train to Xinzheng Airport.

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