Chengdu Metro 19: Connecting Tianfu & Shuangliu Airports Directly

Chengdu, November 28 – In a landmark development, the Chengdu Metro Line 19 Phase II commenced its official operation at 9:00 AM local time today. This newly inaugurated route spans diverse areas of Chengdu, covering a total distance of 40.4 kilometers. A noteworthy feature of Line 19 Phase II is its direct connection to two major airports – Tianfu Airport and Shuangliu Airport.

To facilitate swift and convenient travel between the two airports, a train service (Express) has been introduced, exclusively stopping at Tianfu Airport Terminal 1 and 2, as well as Shuangliu Airport Terminal 2 East. The entire journey takes approximately 30 minutes, with trains departing at half-past the hour during 6, 11, 13, 15, 21, and 22 o’clock.

The introduction of Chengdu Metro Line 19 Phase II brings forth a significant enhancement to the transportation landscape for residents and visitors. Particularly beneficial for those requiring seamless travel between Tianfu and Shuangliu airports, this new metro line offers a convenient and efficient transit option, marking a milestone in Chengdu’s metropolitan connectivity.”

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