Kunming – Shangri La by High Speed Train

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 Kunming – Shangri La Train Schedule, Fares & Duration

Train Departure Station Arrival Station Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Second Class Seat
C118 Kunming Shangri-La 07:56 13:15 05:19 ¥245
C638 Kunming Shangri-La 10:18 14:48 04:30 ¥245
C122 Kunming Shangri-La 11:42 16:54 05:12 ¥230
For a live schedule & ticket availability & refer to www.chinahighlights.com/china-trains/
Train Departure Station Arrival Station Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Second Class Seat
C120 Shangri-La Kunming 10:30 16:05 05:35 ¥245
C640 Shangri-La Kunming 17:12 21:42 04:30 ¥245
C124 Shangri-La Kunming 17:50 22:46 04:56 ¥238
For a live schedule & ticket availability & refer to www.chinahighlights.com/china-trains/

The Lijiang – Shangri La Railway is experted to open on November 26 of 2023. Above are the latest schedules for Kunming – Shangri-la trains.

There are 3 daily C-class train services between Kunming & Shangri-La. Departing and arriving at the Kunming Railway Station in Kunming, and Shangri La Railway Station in DIqing, the journey takes approximately 4 hours and 48 minutes, covering a distance of scenic landscapes. The average cost for a second-class seat is ¥245.

From Kunming to Shangri la:

  • The earliest train from Kunming to Shangri-La is Train C118, departing from Kunming at 07:56.
  • The latest train from Kunming to Shangri-La is Train C122, departing from Kunming at 11:42.

From Shangri La to Kunming: 

  • The earliest train from Shangri-La to Kunming is Train C120, departing from Shangri-La at 10:30.
  • The latest train from Shangri-La to Kunming is Train C124, departing from Shangri-La at 17:50.

What the Train is Like: CR200J1-D

Lijiang – Shangri-la Railway

The Lijiang-Shangrila Railway is a national  electrified railway located in Yunnan Province. It connects the city of Lijiang with the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture’s Shangri-La City. The railway has a total length of 139.7 kilometers and construction began on October 28, 2014. It is expected to be completed and operational by the end of 2023 with a design speed of 140 kilometers per hour.

Train Stations in Kunming

There are two major train stations in Kunming: the old one is Kunming Railway Station and the new one is Kunming South Railway Station (Kunmingnan). Kunming Railway Station seves trains to major cities within Yunnan Province as well as a few destinations beyond Yunnan, such as Nanning, Guangzhou, Liuzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing. While Kunming South serves more trains to major cities outside Yunnan.

Train Station Location Transport from City Center Train Service Destinations Get to Airport Opening Date
Kunming Railway Station Guandu District Metro Line 1, Line 2 4 km High-speed & regular speed Most to major destinations in Kunming Airport Shuttle Bus Line 2 1966
Kunming South Railway Station Chenggong District Metro Line 1, Line 4 25 km  High-speed & regular speed Major cities in Yunnan Province and other cities in China 2016

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