Guilin Railway Station

Train Stations in Guilin

Guilin has three train stations for passenger service: Guilin Railway Station is operating about 92 trains daily (including D G type high speed trains and Z type slow trains); and Guilin North Station is serving 106 trains daily (high speed trains & slow trains), and Guilin West Station is running 52 trains daily, all of which are high speed trains.

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Guilin Railway Station

Guilin Railway Station (Chinese name: 桂林站), sometimes refered as Guilin South Railway Station by the locals,is the main train station that is centrally-located in Xiangshan District of Guilin City (桂林市象山区) at the junction of Shanghai Rd & Zhongshan South Rd, serving both high speed trains (G, D class) and normal trains (K, Z, T trains). It is 26.8 km from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, 10 km from Guilin North Railway Station and 13.3 km from Guilin West Train Station.

How to Get to Guilin Railway Station

By bus: Centrally-located in city heart, Guilin Railway Station is accesible via bus service including bus 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 16, 19, 22, 88, 91, 99 and 100.

Guilin Train Schedule

Remember that Guilin has three train stations for passengers,and you need to figure out which station is for your departure.

From – To Price Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type Availability
Guilin to Guangzhou 226 2.5-3 hrs 50 D,G,K Check
Guilin to Shenzhen 217 3-3.5 hrs 5 G Check
Guilin to Beijing West 806 10.5 hrs 2 G Check
Guilin to Shanghai Hongqiao 695.5 9.5 hrs 1 G Check
Guilin to Kunming South 376 8-8.5 hrs 3 D,G Check
Guilin to Changsha South 179.5 3.5 hrs 14 G Check
Guilin to Hangzhou East 586.5 8.5 hrs 4 G Check
Guilin to Guiyang North 130.5 3 hrs 30 D Check
Guilin to Xian North 748.5 10 hrs 1 G Check

Getting to Guilin Airport

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