Hong Kong West Kowloon – Changping by Train: Schedule, Fare, Duration


If you’re planning a trip from Hong Kong to Changping in Dongguan City, traveling by high-speed train is an efficient and comfortable option. With the discontinuation of through train services between Hung Hom Station and Changping Station, the Hong Kong West Kowloon – Changping high-speed train services were launched in April 1, 2023,  providing a seamless connection between the two destinations. Currently, two daily high-speed trains run in each direction between Hong Kong West Kowloon and Changping Railway Station, taking between 54 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes with fares starting from CNY132 for a second-class seat.

Hong Kong – Changping Train Schedule

As of May of 2023, there are two daily bullet trains linking Hong Kong West Kowloon & Changping Railway Station. Depature time, duration, fares are as seen below:

Train No. From Departure To Arrival Duration Frequency Fares
G6554 Hong Kong West Kowloon 10:00 Changping 10:54 54mins Daily CNY132
G6562 Hong Kong West Kowloon 19:21 Changping 20:17 56mins Daily CNY132
G6551 Changping 08:35 HK West Kowloon 09:39 1h 04mins Daily CNY132
G6557 Changping 15:07 HK West Kowloon 16:17 1h 10mins Daily CNY132
For a live schedule & ticket availability & refer to www.chinahighlights.com/china-trains/

Apart from Hong Kong – Changping train route, there is also anther route for HK West Kowloon to Humen Town in Dongguan City. See rail map below:

With the map below, it shows the high speed trains will run through these statiions in Dongguan City, including Changping Railway Station, Dongguannan (Dongguan South), Dongguan Railway Station and Humen Railway Station.

rail route for hong kong - guangzhou train
rail route for HK West Kowloon – Changping train & HK – Humen train

High Speed Railway & Station Map

Which Train Station in Dongguan

Trains from Hong Kong West Kowloon to Changping are arriving at Changping Railway Station in Changping Town of Dongguan City. Here are more information about train stations in Dongguan for your reference:

Humen Railway Station Location: Humen Town, on the border of Dongguan and Guangzhou
High-Speed Train from HK: 3 trains daily, 43mins, from CNY178
Transportation: by line 2 of rail transit.
Train connections to: Guangzhou South, Guangzhou North, Shenzhen North, Shenzhen Futian, Zhuhai, etc
Dongguan Railway Station Location: between Chasha Town & Shilong Town in Dongguan
High-Speed Train from HK: 16 trains daily, 1h03m mins, from CNY152
Transportation: by line 2 of rail transit.
Train connections to: Guangzhou East, Guangzhou Station, Shenzhen North, Shenzhen Futian, Shenzhen Station
Changping Railway Station Location: Changping Town, Dongguan City
High-Speed Train from HK: 2 trains daily, 54mins, from CNY132
Train connections to: Shenzhen Station, Shenzhen North, Shenzhen Futian
Dongguannan Railway Station Location: Tangxia Town, Dongguan City
High-Speed Train from HK: 4-7 trains daily, 1h10m, from CNY152
Train connections to: Guangzhou East, Guangzhou Station, Shenzhen North, Shenzhen Futian, Nanchang West, Shantou, Chaoshan, etc

Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

Hong Kong West Kowloon Station is currently the only train station that operates high speed trains to Changping Train Station, Humen Railway Station  & Dongguan Railway Station and Dongguannan Train Station. The other original Hung Hom Station in HK no longer operates through train services to Changping. So, HK West Kowloon is your only opertion. You can take the MTR to the West Kowloon Station. It is located between Kowloon Station & Austin Station. Just use www.mtr.com.hk/en/customer/jp2/ to plan your route.

Photo Guide: how to take a train from HK West Kowloon

How to Buy Tickets Online

There are several ways to book your train tickets online. Just remember that booking herizon for train tickets opens 15 days before your travel date. It is recommended to book you tickets as soon as possible in advance to secure your seat at your desired departure time.

Check Live English Schedule

1. Book with 12306 China Railway

www.12306.cn is the offcial website of China Railway, which now has supported English. It also provides an offcial ticketing (English version) App – Tielu 12306 for both iOS and Android.

Jack’s friendly reminder: In the official site www.12306.cn, you can enter “hkw” or ‘hkwestkowloon‘ as Hong Kong West Kowloon Station; and “changping” as Changping Railway Station (常平站, don’t get mistake on another Changping Railway Station 昌平站 in Beijing), or enter “dongguannan” as Dongguan South;  “dongguan” as Dongguan Railway Station.

2. Book with China Highlights

www.chinahighlights.com is a trusted online ticket agent who get possitive reviews & is  often recommended on Trip Advisor forum. They offer real-time train schedule online, English-language support, They can also provide assistance in case of any issues with your tickets or travel or when you’re running into trouble. Even they can deliver tickets to your hotel in advance. You can place orders with them any time. They are helpful, especially when you’re not familiar with the China’s transportation system or do not speak Chinese.

How to Buy Tickets at Train Station

If you prefer to purchase your train tickets in person at the train station, you can do so at either Changping Railway Station, Dongguan Railway Station, Humen Railway Station, Dongguan South Station or Hong Kong West Kowloon Station. Remember to bring your passports or any other necessary documents when buying your tickets.

When to Buy Tickets

Tickets can be booked up to 15 days on the official 12306 China Railway website. It is always advisable to buy tickets in advance to secure ticket availability or seat assignment. Ticets tend to sell out quickly on this popular route especially during the bussy travel peak period, such as the public National Days (Gold Week), Labour’s Days, Chinese Moon Festival or Qingming Festival. But if you use an online ticket agent www.chinahighlights.com, you can order tickets any time with them and they will book it for you once the tickets are released online.

Immigration & Customs Procedures at Hong Kong West Kowloon

Hong Kong West Kowloon Station is a joint checkpoint between Hong Kong and mainland China, which means that border control and immigration procedures for both Hong Kong and mainland China are conducted in one place in Hong Kong West Kowloon Station. So prepare for all necessary travel documents like passports and visas at hand and allow surfficient time for the immigration and customs procedures for both Hong Kong and Manland sides.

Boarding Tips and Procedures

Make sure to arrive at the train station early enough before departure time to allow for ticket checks, immigration and custom procedures, security checks and boarding. You will need to present your passport and train ticket for verification before boarding the train.

Visa to Mainland China

You need a visa to enter mainland China if you are taking a train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. While most passports are granted visa on arrival for Hong Kong, you’ll still  need a visa to enter mainland China. Just apply it in advance.

Train Stations Video Guide

Hong Kong Train Travel Video Guides

HK West Kowloon

Arrive HK by train

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