How to Travel between Guangzhou – Hong Kong Airport

Guangzhou – Hong Kong Airport

Best Way to Travel Between Guangzhou & Hong Kong Airport

It is very easy to travel between Guangzhou and Hong Kong International Airport as there are many transportation methods to choose from. With the Guangzhou – HK West Kowloon high speed trains, you can travel easily between Guangzhou and Hong Kong in less than 1 hour. Then the effective Airport Express allows you to travel fast and comfortly between the city and airport in just 24 minutes. You can also choose to use the Guangzhou – Kowloon Through Trains, city center to city center in just 2 hours. Ferry is also available for travelling directly between Guangzhou Lianhuashan or Guangzhou Nansha and Hong Kong Airport Skypier.

Lastest news: there will be ferries linking Hong Kong Airport and Guangzhou Pazhou Ferry Terminal (near Canton Fair Complex in Pazhou, Haizhu District of Guangzhou) in just 2 hours, starting from April of 2023.

How far is Hong Kong Airport from Guangzhou: the distance is about 175 kilometers.

Map of Stations & High Speed Rail

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1. Guangzhou – Hong Kong Airport by Train

As there are two types for trains running between Guangzhou and Hong Kong: 1. Guangzhou South – Hong Kong West Kowloon high speed trains; 2 Guangzhou East – Kowloon Through trains, that means you have two routes for travelling between Guangzhou and Hong Kong Airport. Here Jack explains how to do it and which route works better for you:

Guangzhou – Hong Kong by train HK MTR
Route 1 1. Guangzhou South – HK West Kowloon in 50-60 mins, 34 trains daily 2. HK West Kowloon – Airport in 22 mins
Route 2 1. Guangzhou East – Hung Hom in 2 hrs, , 10 trains daily 2. Hung Hom – Airport in 40 mins

Reference: Guangzhou – Hong Kong by high speed train & Hong Kong Airport – West Kowloon Station Hong Kong by airport express

Route 1: Guangzhou South – HK West Kowloon – Airport

There are over 30 – 40 high speed trains linking Guangzhou and Hong Kong in just 50 – 60 minutes. The high speed trains from Guangzhou depart from Guangzhou South Railway Station (Guangzhounan), which is far from Guangzhou’s city center and can be reached by metro line 2 and line 7. These bullet trains all arrive at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, which is next to (within walking distance) Kowloon Station, a MTR station that is linked by Airport Express with Hong Kong International Airport in just 22 minutes.

By High Speed Train + Airport Express
Route Step 1 Step 2 Live Timetable
GZ to HK Airport Guangzhou South to HK West Kowloon in 50-60 mins Airport Express to HKG Airport  in 22 mins Guangzhou to Hong Kong train
HK Airport to GZ Airport Express to HK West Kowloon in 22 mins HK West Kowloon to Guangzhou South in 50-60 mins Hong Kong to Guangzhou train
Hong Kong West Kowloon – Guangzhou South
Trains From – To Frequency Duration Ticket Fares (CNY/HK$)
1st Cls 2nd Cls Biz Cls
G trains HK West Kowloon to Guangzhou South 34 daily 48m-1h11 ¥344 ¥215 ¥452
G trains Guangzhou South to HK West Kowloon 34 daily $374 $249 $523
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Airport Express – Fastest Link from Airport to the City

Route 2: Guangzhou East – Hung Hom HK – Airport

Apart from the high speed rail, there are also Guangzhou – Kowloon Through Trains linking Guangzhou East Railway Station (Guangzhoudong) and Hung Hom Station in Hong Kong in 2 hours, city center to city center. The Guangzhou East is centrally-located in Tianhe District of Guangzhou and connected to the metro line 1 and line 3. You can get to Guangzhou East easily in a short time. The through trains from Guangzhou East arrive at Hung Hom Station, from which you can take the MTR train to Hong Kong Airport in 40 minutes, but it requires you to make 4 times interchanges (Hung Hom – Nam Choeng – Tsing Yi – Airport). You can use Hong Kong MTR Planner to plan the route.

Check live train schedue for through trains:

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HK West Kowloon

Arrive HK by train
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Guangzhou South

Guangzhou East

Guangzhou Station

2. Guangzhou – Hong Kong Airport by Ferry

Pazhou Ferry Terminal in Haizhu District offers ferries to or from Hong Kong Airport Skypier, starting from April of 2023.

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