Guangzhou Baiyun Airport – Guangzhou East Station by Subway Line 3

Guangzhou Airport to East Train Station

How to Get from Baiyun Airport to East Train Station

The best way to travel from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) to Guangzhou East Railway Station is by metro – namely the northern extension of Guangzhou Metro Line 3, which takes only 35 – 45 minutes.

How far is Baiyun Airport from East Train Station: the distance is about 35 kilometers.

By Metro Line 3 in 35 – 45 Minutes

If you arrive at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and want to travel to East Railway Station, you will probably use the metro line 3, which links Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to the central city center. The Terminal 2 is located next to Airport North Station (机场北站)and the Terminal 1 is close to Airport South Station (机场南站), both stations are connected to Guangzhou East Railway Station by metro line 3.

No. Station name EN Chinese name Transfers
1 Airport North T2 机场北
2 Airport South T1 机场南
3 Gaozeng 高增 line 9
4 Renhe 人和
5 Longgui 龙归
6 Jiahewanggang 嘉禾望岗 line 2, 14
7 Baiyundadaobei 白云大道北
8 Yongtai 永泰
9 Tonghe 同和
10 Jiingxi Nafang Hospital 京溪南方医院
11 Meihuayuan 梅花园
12 Yantang 燕塘 line 6
13 Guangzhou East Railway Station 广州东站 line 1, Guangzhou – Shenzhen Railway
Station First Train Last Train
Airport North 06:00 23:15
Airport South 06:02 23:17
Guangzhou East Railway Station 06:03 23:03
Guangzhou subway network map
Guangzhou subway network map

Reference: To or from Airport by Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport official website.

Airport South Station & Airport Nort Station

By Taxi

A taxi ride from Guangzhou Airport to East Railway Station will probably take 1h15m and the taxi fare is about 120 – 170 yuan. Just for your reference.

Guangzhou East Railway Station

  • Station name:Guangzhou East Railway Station (Guangzhoudong, Chinese: 广州东站)
  • Getting there:Subway line 1 and metro line 3

Guangzhou East Railway Station is a centrally-located train station in Tianhe District and connected to metro network on line 1 and line 3. From Guangzhou East, passengers can take C category high speed trains to Dongguan Railway Station, Changping, Zhangmutou, Pinghu, Shenzhen Railway Station or ; as well as bullet trains to Dongguan West Railway Station, Humen North, Humen East, Changan West, and Shenzhen Airport Railway Station (next ot Shenzhen Baoan Airport), even long-distance trains to Huizhou South,Shanwei, Chaoshan, Meizhou West Station, Jieyang Airport, Jieyang Station, Zhangzhou, Xiamen etc.

Guangzhou East – Hung Hom Hong Kong: Guangzhou East also has trains to Hung Home, Kowloon, Hong Kong – the Guangzhou – Kowloon Through Train. Check the schedule at MTR HK.

Guangzhou East Train Station Schedules

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Guangzhou East to or from Price (CNY) Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type
Dongguan 45.5 30m 77 C D train
Changping 54.5 40m 77 C D train
Zhangmutou 59.5 50m 63 C D train
Shenzhen Station 79.5 1h25 66 C train
Shenzhen Airport (shenzhenjichang) 81 1h48 15 C train
Humen North 57 1h04 15 C train
Changan 67 1h23 12 C train

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