Guangzhou East Railway Station Guide 2023

Guangzhoudong Railway Station


  • Station name : Guangzhou East Railway Station (Chinese name: 广州东站, Guangzhoudong)
  • Location: Linhe Rd Tianhe District of Guangzhou
  • Plateforms: 7 platforms
  • Operation date:1 April, 1988
  • Metro: Line 1 Line 3

High Speed Railway & Station Map

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Guangzhou East Railway Station

Guangzhou East Railway Station (Guangzhoudong) is a rail transport hub centrally located in Linhe Street in Tianhe District of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. It serves as a major station along the Guangzhou – Shenzhen Railway and Guangzhou – Shenzhen Intercity Railway, and the future Guangzhou – Meizhou – Shantou Railway. The station is located in the city center in Tianhe District (CITIC Plaza is located near Guangzhoudong Station) with easy access. It is connected to Guangzhou metro network on line 1 and line 3.

Along the Guangzhou – Shenzhen Railway, Guangzhoudong Railway Station (Guangzhou East) serves C trains to or from Dongguan, Changping, Zhangmutou, Pinghu, Shenzhen Railway Station (in Luohu), even a daily D train to or from Huizhou North, Heyuan East.

Along the Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Intercity Railway, Guangzhou East has C trains to or from Shenzhen Airport Train Station (ShenzhenJichang), Shenzhenjichangbei, Chang’an, Changanxi, HumenDong, Humendong, Humenbei, Houjie, Dongguangang, Hongmei, DongguanXi, XintangNan, etc.

Hong Kong West Kowloon – GuangzhouDong high speed rail service: From January 15, 2023, the Mainland – Hong Kong high speed rail link resumed after 3 years of Covid Curbs. High speed trains to or from Hong Kong been introduced into Guangzhou East Station. Passengers can travel to Hong Kong by G type high speed train from Guangzhou’s city center (Guangzhoudong Station). It has 6 daily high speed trains running between Guangzhoudong and Hong Kong West Kowloon, taking 1h45. Ticket price is CNY 215 for a second class seat.

Train route: Hong Kong West Kowlonn – Shenzhen North – Dongguan South – Dongguan – Guangzhou East.

Train Services

Trains from GuangzhouDong
Trains From – To Frequency Duration Live times   1st Cls 2nd Cls
G trains Guangzhoudong to Hong Kong West Kowloon 6 1h45 CNY 344 CNY 215
D G trains Guangzhoudong to Shenzhen (Luohu) 48 1h20 CNY 99.5 CNY 79.5
G trains Guangzhoudong to Shenzhenbei (North) 34 1h20 CNY 97 CNY 79
G trains Guangzhoudong to ShenzhenJichang (Airport) 5 1h50 CNY 81
C D G trains Guangzhoudong to Dongguan 68 29m CNY 50.5 CNY 45.5
G trains Guangzhoudong to DongguanNan (South) 42 50m CNY 92 CNY 76
G trains Guangzhoudong to Foshanxi (West) 2 37m CNY 33.5 CNY 29.5
D trains Guangzhoudong to Shantou 10 3h50 CNY 331 CNY 225
G trains Guangzhoudong to Xiamenbei (North) 7 5h CNY 468 CNY 311
G trains Guangzhoudong to Fuzhounan (South) 5 6h20 CNY 599 CNY 393
G trains Guangzhoudong to MeizhouXi (West) 2 4.5h CNY 406 CNY 272
Live schedule & ticket availability & delivery at
Check at official China Railway website:

Getting to Guangzhou East Station

By metro: Line 1 Line 3

You can use the metro journey planner to arrange the metro route: with fare and travel time prediction.

By bus: Bus 11, 41, 43, 45, 122, 175,183, 195, 209, 214, 233, 263, 280, 302, etc.

Guangzhou East Station to Guangzhou South Station

By metro: Take metro line 1 from Guangzhou East Railway Station to Gongyuanqian first, then change to metro line 2 from Gongyuanqian to Guangzhou South Railawy Station. The whole journey takes about 50 – 60 minutes. Just use the metro journey planner to arrange the metro route:

Train Stations & Airports in Guangzhou

Guangzhou has many train stations in operation. Guangzhounan Railway Station (South), Guangzhou Railway Station (Main), Guangzhoudong Railway Station (East), Guangzhoubei Raiilway Station (North) are the most used train stations.

DestinationsGetting there  
Guangzhou South Station Line 2 Line 7
Guangzhou East Station Line 1 Line 3
Guangzhou Railway Station Line 2 Line 5
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Line 3
Guangzhou metro website:

Guangzhou East – Hong Kong West Kowloon high speed trains

Starting from January 15 of 2023, Guangzhou East has introduced high speed train services to or from Hong Kong West Kowloon, making it possible to travel between Hong Kong and city center of Guangzhou, while the previously Guangzhou – Kowloon Through Train serviecs using Guangzhou East had been suspended until further notice.

Inside Guangzhou East, passengers just follow the signs in blue for finding your train. You just take the escalator to the 4th floor, where you can find the No.4 waiting room is for trains to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station. You will have to pass through ticekt check and security check before that. As for the border control and custom clearance, you just go through them at Hong Kong West Kowloon, no need in Guangzhou East.

rail route for hong kong - guangzhou train
rail route for hong kong – guangzhou train read: Guangzhou to Hong Kong by train

Where to Buy Ticekts to HK West Kowloon in Guangzhou East

The No.8 window in ticket office of Guangzhou East Train Station is the designated ticket window for buying rail tickets to or from Hong Kong West Kowloon. Foreign travellers can buy tickets with passports. It is reported that the station staffs at No.8 ticekt window speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

1. Guangzhou East to Hong Kong West Kowloon Photo Guide

Guangzhou – Hong Kong West Kowloon Train (Jan, 2023)
Trains From – To Frequency Duration Live times   1st Cls 2nd Cls
G trains Guangzhoudong (East) to Hong Kong West Kowloon 6 1h45 CNY 344 CNY 215
G trains Guangzhounan (South) to Hong Kong West Kowloon 8 50m-1h17 CNY 323 CNY 215
Live schedule & ticket availability & delivery at
Check at official China Railway website: or Hong Kong MTR site

2. Hong Kong West Kowloon to Guangzhou East Photo Guide

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To or from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

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