Beijing Daxing Airport by Train, Shuttle Bus, Coaches & Subway


High Speed Trains

There are high speed trains linking Beijing Daxing Airport and Beijing West Railway Station in just 20 minutes. From Beijing West Railway Station, you can get connected to subway line 7 and line 9. High speed train is the best also the fastest way to travel between Daxing Airport and central Beijing.

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Station name EN Chinese name Transfers 
Beijing West 北京西 Subway line 7, line 9
Liying 李营
Huangcun 黄村
Beijing New Airport 新机场 New Airport Line, PKX Airport
Gu’an East 固安东
Bazhou North 霸州被
Xiong’an 雄安

Beijing West Railway Station

Beijing Daxing International Airport

Shuttle Bus

There are around 7 bus routes for the Daxing Airport shuttle bus, which can take you directly to downtowns of Beijing including airport bus line 1 to Beijing Railway Station, line 2 to Beijing West Railway Station, line 3 to Beijing South Railway Station, etc.

Beijing Daxing Airport Shuttle Bus Lines
Airport Bus Lines From – To Read more
Line 1 (Beijing Railway Station Line) Daxing Airport – Beijing Railway Station
Line 2 (Beijing West Railway Station Line) Daxing Airport – South Square of Beijing West Railway Station Beijing West to Daxing Airport by train, bus
Line 3 (Beijing South Railway Station Line) Daxing Airport – Beijing South Railway Station Beijing South to Daxing Airport by train, bus
Line 4 (Tongzhou Line) Daxing Airport – Sunflower Hotel Beijing
Line 5 (Fangshan Line) Daxing Airport – Jiaotongju (Traffic Bureau)
Line 6 (Xuanwumen Night Line) Daxing Airport – Xuanwumen

Daxing Airport Express – Subway

Daxing Airport Express, or called New Airport Line with a top speed of 160 km/h is a subway service that links Beijing Daxing Airport with Caoqiao Station in 19 minutes. From Caoqiao Station, you can connecte to subway line 10.

Official Beijing Subway website

 Daxing Airport Express (Beijing Subway)
 Lines From – To Read more
Daxing Airport Express (New Airport Line) Daxing Airport – Caoqiao Station Wikipedia

Long-Distance Coach Service

Beijing Daxing Airport also has long-distance service to Tianjin, Baoding, Langfang and Tangshan. More details will be added soon.

Beijing Daxing Airport Long-Distance Coach Service
Coach Lines From – To Read more
Baoding Line Daxing Airport – Baoding
Langfang Line Daxing Airport – Langfang
Tangshan Line Daxing Airport – Tangshan
Tianjin Line Daxing – Airport – Tianjin Tianjin to Beijing Daxing Airport

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