How to Travel from Beijing Capital Airport to Beijing West Railway Station

Best Way Beijing West to Capital Airport

How to Get from Beijing West Station – Capital Airport (PEK)

Beijing West Railway Station is one of the most used high speed train stations in Beijing, with service to or from Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Xian, Luoyang, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chengdu, etc. It is very far from Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK). Generally speaking, passengers have these public transport options to travel between them: by airport shuttle bus or by subway.

How far is Beijing West Station to Capital Airport: the distance is around 40 kilometers.

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1. Beijing West Railway Station

2. Beijing Capital International Airport

Option 1: By Airport Shuttle Bus Line 7

If you are traveling between Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing West Railway Station with lots of luggage, then airport shuttle bus is the best transport option for you. The Beijing Airport shuttle bus line 7 runs between Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing West Railway Station every 30 minutes or when full from 05:00 am to 24:00 pm. A single full bus jounrey may take 77-100 minutes and the fare is about 30 yuan.

Where to buy airport shuttle bus tickets

From BCIA:

  • T1: Gate No. 7 (inside) on F1
  • T2: Gate No.11 (outside) on F1
  • T3: Gate No.7 or No.9 (Outside) on F1

From Beijing West:

You can buy tickets at south square of the station.

PEK Airport to Beijing West Route
No. Stops EN Stops CN
1 Terminal 3 首都机场3号航站楼
2 Terminal 2 首都机场2号航站楼
3 Terminal 1 首都机场1号航站楼
4 Guangqumen 广渠门
5 Ciqikou 磁器口
6 Qianmen Nankou 前门大街南口
7 Caishikou 菜市口
8 Guanganmen Wai 广安门外
9 South Sq of Beijing West 北京西站南广场

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Option 2: By Subway

It requires you to make transfers if you want to travel between Capital Airport and Beijing West Railway Station by subway.

From Beijing West Railway Station to PEK Airport: Take subway line 9 from Beijing West Railway Station to National Library stop (Beijing West to National Libary, 4 stops), then change to subway line Daxing and get off at Xizhimen (National Libary to Xizhimen, 2 stop), then again change to subway line 2 to get to Dongzhimen (Xizhimen to Dongzhimen, 5 stops), then transfer to Airport Express Line from Dongzhimen to Capital Airport (T2 or T3, 2 stops). The journey time is from 70-90 minutes depending on the traffic. Use to plan your journey.

From PEK Airport to Beijing West Railway Station: Just do it in a oppisite direction as explained above.

Beijing West Train Schedule

The following are destinations for trains to or from Beijing West Railway Station. If you want to travel between Beijing Capital Airport and the cities below, you can get a high speed train to Beijing West Railway Station first, then transfer to the PEK Airport.

For example, if you want to travel from Pingyao to Beijing Capital Airport, you can take a high speed train from Pingyao Gucheng Railway Station to Beijing West Railway Station first, then transfer to Beijing Capital Airport by airport shuttle bus line 7 or subway or a taxi.

Check more for live schedule, just refer to
Beijing West to or from Price (CNY) Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type
Shijiazhuang 128.5 1h12 84 G train
Baoding East 63.5 45m 45 G train
Zhuozhou East 28.5 25m 17 G train
Zhengzhou East 309 2h40 55 G train
Handan East 209 2h20 35 G train
Luoyang Longmen 368 4h15 10 G train
Anyang East 236 2h33 40 G train
Taiyuan South 197 3h 25 G train
Pingyao Gucheng 225.5 4h 2 G and D train
Huashan North 470.5 5h10 9 G train
Xi’an North 515.5 5h30 28 G train
Chengdu East 778.5 7-9.5h 4 G train
Wuhan 520.5 5.5h 30 G train
Changsha South 649 7.5h 15 G train
Zhangjiajie 328 23h 1 K train
Hohhot 158 14h 6 K train
Yichang East 630 7h 2 G train

How to Buy Train Tickets in Beijing

1. Buy at train station

You can buy tickets and collect tickets in person with passenger’s passports at any train stations in Beijing, including Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Station, Beijing South Station, etc. You can buy tickets about 30 days ahead of departure date.

2. Buy tickets online

Foreigners cannot buy tickets on the official China Railway ticketing site, which requires you a Chinese bank card and the ability of reading Chinese. You can turn to use a trusted ticket agent, who can buy tickets for you when tickets are released and even deliver tickets to your hotel. Besides, they offer you additional help, guiding you how to collect tickets, how to get to the station, etc. Below are two trusted agents who got positive reviews on Trip Advisor or Trust Pilot:

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