Yujiapu Railway Station

Yujiapu Railway Station (sometimes called Yujiabao) is an underground train station that located in north of Yujiapu Financial District in Binhai District of Tianjin City. As one of the four rail transport hubs in Tianjin, Yujiapu Railway Station started operation on September 20 of 2015, and mainly serving the high speed trains (C type) along the Beijing – Tianjin Intercity Railway. From Yujiapu Station, passengers can take a C train to Tianjin Railway Station in 15 minutes, and to Beijing in around 45 minutes.

  • Station name: Yujiapu Railway Station Tianjin (于家堡站)
  • Location: Yujiapu Financial District, Binhai New Area (see on OpenStreetMap, 滨海新区于家堡金融区)
Yujiapu Railway Station
Yujiapu Railway Station 于家堡站

How to Get to Yujiapu Station

By Bus

You can take a public bus to Yujiapu Station, and get off at the Yujiapu Bus Stop (高铁于家堡站). The bus service include: Bus 108, 124, 844, 822, 940.

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Tianjin Cruise Port – Yujiapu – Tianjin – Beijing Rail Route

Yujiapu – Tianjin – Tanggu – Beijing Intercity Train

Fares & Travel Time

From Yujiapu to Ticket Price (CNY) Duration Frequency
2nd Cls 1st Cls Biz Clz
Tanggu (塘沽) 9 15.5 29 9 mins 6 daily
Junliangchengbei (军粮城北) 11.5 19.5 36 14 – 20 mins 4 daily
Tianjin (天津) 20.5 35 65 21 – 33 mins 9 daily
Beijing South (北京南) 75 100.5 239 56 – 65 mins 8 daily
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