Beijing Fengtai Train Station to Open on 1 April 2022

Beijing Fengtai Train Station


  • Station name : Beijing Fengtai Railway Station (Chinese name: 北京丰台站)
  • Location: Fengtai District of Beijing
  • Plateforms: 32 platforms
  • Reopenning date: April, 2022
  • Metro: Line 10 Line 16

High Speed Railway & Station Map

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New Fengtai Railway Station

Beijing Fengtai Railway Station is located in Fengtai District of Beijing City, which is scheduled to reopen in Apri of 2022 after years’refurbishment. The station will be served by both high speed rails and conventional speed railways, and serving as the terminal station of the Beijing – Guangzhou high speed railway, operating high speed trains to many provincal cities from north to south, including Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. Beijing Fengtai Station will have a similar scale to Beijing South Railway Station with 17 platforms and 32 tracks.

Train Schedule

Trains from Beijing Fengtai
Trains From – To Frequency Duration Biz Cls  1st Cls 2nd Cls
G trains Beijing Fengtai to Shijiazhuang 58 1h30 407.5 206.5 128.5
G trains Beijing Fengtai to Zhengzhou 48 3.5h 977 495 309
G trains Beijing Fengtai to Wuhan 21 4.5h 1642.5 832.5 520.5
G trains Beijing Fengtai to Changsha 15 6h15 2050 1038 649
G trains Beijing Fengtai to Guangzhou 5 9.5h 2724 1380 862
G trains Beijing Fengtai to Shenzhen 2 10.5    
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Getting to Fengtai Railway Station in Beijing

By metro: Beijing Fengtai Station has been connected into Beijing’s subway network for a long time. A metro station named Fengtai Railway Station on subway Line 10, which is serving Beijing Fengtai Train Station, was opened here in May of 2013. Later, a new subway Line 16 will be opened for serving Beijing Fengtai Station in April of 2022.

By bus: Bus 395, 459, 477, 678, etc.

Train Stations & Airports in Beijing

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Beijing South Station Line 4 Line 14
Beijing Fengtai Station Line 10 Line 16
Beijing Train Station Line 2
Beijing Chaoyang StationBus
Beijing North Station Line 2 Line 4 Line 13 (Xizhimen)
Beijing Capital Airport Capital Airport Express
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Beijing Subway:

To or from Airport

Just refer to Beijing Airport to Fengtai Railway Station

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