Train Stations in Xiamen: Xiamen North & Xiamen Station

Xiamen Rail Travel Guide

Train Stations in Xiamen City

Xiamen City, the coastal city in Fujian Province in Southeast China, has 3 major train stations for passenger service: Xiamen North Railway Station is the most important high speed train station serving 229 D and G type high speed trains daily, and Xiamen Railway Station is a ordinary station operating 9 K and Z type ordinary long-distance trains daily. Xiamen Gaoqi Railway Station is the third station, which is closed service currently.

Xiamen North Railway Station

Xiamen North Train Station (Xiamen Bei, Xiamenbei, Chinese name: 厦门北站) is the major high speed station located in Houxi Town in Jimei District of Xiamen City, about 10 kilometers from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and 25 kilometers from Xiamen Railway Station. It was opened for use in 2010 serving as the starting or end point of the Fuzhou – Xiamen Railway, Longyan – Xiamen Railway and Xiamen – Shenzhen Railway with 6 platforms and 12 tracks.

Trains in or from Xiamen North include D type high speed trains to Fuzhou, Fuzhou South, Wuyishan, Shenzhen North, Putian, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Longyan as well as G type high speed trains to Shangrao, Huangshan North, Hefei South, Xuzhou South, Zhengzhou East, Wuhan, Shanghai Hongqiao, etc.

  • Station name: Xiamen North Station (Xiamenbei, Xiamen Bei)
  • Location:

How to Get to Xiamen North

Xiamen North Station has BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) service: BRT Line 1 in its South Square, which is a fast bus service connecting Xiamen North Station and Xiamen’s First Wharf Stop in Siming District.

By metro: You can also take Xiamen’s metro line 1 to get to Xiamen North Railway Station. The line 1 opened service on December 23 in 2017. The future line 5 to link Xiamen North is under construction.

Xiamen Railway Station

Xiamen Railway Station is located in Siming District of Xiamen City and first built and opened in 1957 and administracted by Nanchang Railway Bureau. It is about 12 kilometers from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, and 25 km from Xiamen North Station. It is serving as ordinary train station operating non-highspeed trains including 9 daily K and Z type trains to or from Shanghai South, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Chongqing North, Beijing West, Changchun and Guangzhou East, etc.

  • Station name: Xiamen Railway Station
  • Location:

How to Get to Xiamen Station

Passengers can take BRT line 1 (depart for Xaimen North), line 2 and line 3 to get to North Square in Xiamen Railway Station.

Xiamen Train Schedule

Xiamen has a well-developed high speed rail network, which are connected with most major cities in China including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Chaozhou, Shantou. Also, it is convenient to travel from Xiamen to others cities in Fuijian Province such as Fuzhou, Wuyishan, Longyan, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Putian, etc. Just see below.

From – To Price Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type Availability
Xiamen to Fuzhou 88 1.5-2h 90 G, D Check
Xiamen to Shenzhen North 180 3.5-4h 48 D Check
Xiamen to Chaoshan 73 1.5h 48 D Check
Xiamen to Shanghai 462 6-8h 20 G, D Check
Xiamen to Hangzhou 342 6-7h 30 G, D Check
Xiamen to Beijing 803 11-11.5h 3 G Check
Xiamen to Huangshan 315 4.5h 7 G Check
Xiamen to Wuyuan 280 4h 4 G Check
Xiamen to Yiwu 344 5-5.5h 8 G Check

Trains from Xiamen to Other Cities in Fujian Province

From – To Price Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type Availability
Xiamen to Wuyishan 188 3-3.5h 25 G, D Check
Xiamen to Quanzhou 34 0.5-1h 101 G, D Check
Xiamen to Putian 58 1-1.5h 104 G, D Check
Xiamen to Longyan 48.5 1-1.5 24 G, D Check
Xiamen to Zhangzhou 15 20-30mins 49 G, D Check
Xiamen to Xiapu 130 2.5-3h 14 D Check

I want to travel from Xiamen to…

Xiamen to Hong Kong train: No direct high speed train linking Xiamen and Hong Kong directly, and you need to make a transfer at Shenzhen North. First take a high speed train from Xiamen North or Xiamen Station to Shenzhen North, then Shenzhen metro to Hong Kong.

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