Nanjing South – HK West Kowloon via Guangzhou & Shanghai by Bullet Train

HK – Nanjing

Hong Kong – Nanjing by High Speed Train: The Best Way

Currently, there are no any direct high speed trains running between Hong Kong and Nanjing, and passengers have to make a transfer at Guangzhou or Shanghai, etc. Here are Jack’s best travel advice for your rail trip between HK and Nanjing:

  • Option 1. Nanjing – Guangzhou – Hong Kong by high speed train
  • Option 2. Nanjing – Wuhan – Guangzhou – Hong Kong by high speed train
  • Option 3. Nanjing – Shanghai – Hong Kong by high speed train

High Speed Railway & Station Map

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Option 1: Nanjing – Guangzhou – Hong Kong

As there are no direct high speed trains running between Hong Kong and HK, a transfer is needed at Guangzhou South Railway Station. This route Nanjing South – Guangzhou South – Hong Kong West Kowloon is the best way and most harssle-free for you, but the only issue is that it has only 2 daily direct high speed trains running.

Option 2: Nanjing – Wuhan – Guangzhou – Hong Kong, More Trains

If the only two direct Guangzhou-Nanjing high speed trains sell out or the schedule does’t suit your time, then you can go on these two routes: Nanjing – Wuhan – Guangzhou – Hong Kong, which provides you a lot of trains.

  • 1. Nanjing South – Wuhan Station – HK West Kowloon (only 1 direct train between Wuhan and HK)
  • 2. Nanjing South – Wuhan – Guangzhou South – HK West Kowloon

If you decide to transfer at Wuhan, remember to make it at Wuhan Railway Station (Wuhan has different stations like Hankou, Wuchang and Wuhan), from where there are high speed trains to or from Guangzhou South or Nanjing South.

Option 3: Nanjing – Shanghai – Hong Kong

You can also travel on this route: Nanjing – Shanghai Hongqiao – Hong Kong West Kowloon. There are frequent high speed trains linking Nanjing South and Shanghai Hongqiao, and one daily direct bullet trains linking Shanghai Hongqiao and Hong Kong West Kowloon.

How to Buy Tickets

You can buy tickets yourself at any stations in Nanjing or HK West Kowloon with your passport. But if you don’t speak Chinese, you may use a trusted online ticket agent.

Book with a trusted online ticket agent

If you are outside China, and want to buy tickets in advance online, you can turn to use an online ticke agent. Below are two trusted ticket agents who get positive reviews and recommended often on Trip Advisor:

You can place your order any time with the agents, who will buy tickets for you when tickets are released. You can check English train timetable on their site and select a window seat or aisle seat. The agents can deliver tickets to your hotel as well as English instructions on how to take a train in China, how to get to the station, etc.If you run into any troubles, or need to refund or cancell tickets or change trains, they will offer you professional help. A additional service or delivery fee will be charged by the agents.

Other Rail Routes

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