Kunming – Hekou by Train & Onward to Lào Cai in Vietnam


Traveling between Kunming and Hekou by train offers a fascinating journey through China’s diverse landscapes and introduces travelers to the unique cultural blend of the China-Vietnam border region. There are high-speed trains servicing this route directly.

Railway Maps

Kunming – Hekou Train Schedule Overview

Train Type Departure Station Arrival Station Duration Frequency Fares
Bullet Trains Kunming Station / Kunming South Hekou North 4.5 – 6.5 hours 4 daily CNY 96
There are 1 train departing from Kunming South Station & 3 trains from Kunming Railway Station, and all arriving at Hekou North Railway Station (Hekoubei), taking around 0.5 – 1 hours.

Information on Railway Stations in Kunming

There are two major train stations in Kunming: the old one is Kunming Railway Station and the new one is Kunming South Railway Station (Kunmingnan). Kunming Railway Station seves trains to major cities within Yunnan Province as well as a few destinations beyond Yunnan, such as Nanning, Guangzhou, Liuzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing. While Kunming South serves more trains to major cities outside Yunnan.

Train Station Location Transport from City Center Train Service Destinations Get to Airport Opening Date
Kunming Railway Station Guandu District Metro Line 1, Line 2 4 km High-speed & regular speed Most to major destinations in Kunming Airport Shuttle Bus Line 2 1966
Kunming South Railway Station Chenggong District Metro Line 1, Line 4 25 km  High-speed & regular speed Major cities in Yunnan Province and other cities in China 2016

Information on Hekou North Railway Station

Upon reaching Hekou, transport options are more limited. It’s advisable to arrange a taxi or local transport from Hekou North Station to your final destination within the city or to the border if you plan to continue into Vietnam.

Hekou North Railway Station (河口北站, Hekoubei) is a key station located in the border town of Hekou, Yunnan Province, which shares a border with Lào Cai of Vietnam. As a gateway between China and Vietnam, this station serves as a critical juncture for both passenger and cargo transportation.

  • Address: Near No. 212 National Highway, Hekou Yao Autonomous County, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province
  • Station Access: The station can be accessed by local buses and taxis. The area surrounding the station has a limited public transport network, so taxis are often the most convenient option for travelers. When arriving at the station, tourists can find taxis readily available to take them to their accommodations or to the border crossing if they plan on continuing into Vietnam.
Hekou North Railway Station opened in 2014 and has modern facilities to accommodate passengers including waiting areas, ticket booths, and basic amenities. The station is part of the Kunming-Hekou Railway, which connects to the broader Chinese high-speed rail network.

Crossing the Border

hekou port

For those looking to travel onwards to Vietnam, the Lào Cai-Hekou International Border Gate is located approximately 4 kilometers away from Hekou North Railway Station. Travelers are advised to have all necessary visas and travel documents ready and to be aware of the border crossing hours, as they may be subject to change.

Nearby Attractions

  • Hekou Border and Scenic Spot: Featuring beautiful views of the Red River which separates China and Vietnam.
  • Vietnamese Style Street: A bustling area where one can experience a blend of Chinese and Vietnamese culture, cuisine, and shopping.

Travel Tips

  • Have your passport and necessary travel documents handy when traveling to border towns like Hekou.
  • Be aware of local customs regulations when crossing international borders.
  • Check the train schedule in advance, as service frequency may vary.

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  2. After crossing the border from Hekou to the town of Lao Cai, travelers can take a bus trip to the scenic frontier town of Sapa or continue on to Hanoi by train or bus.

  3. How far is the journey from Lao Cai to Sapa city (how many hours).


  4. Can you tell me what time the boder gate close everyday in Hekou, China?