Nanning – Guilin – Yangshuo: Travel by Bullet Trains, Bus
Bullet Train to Yangshuo from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong
Zhangye West Railway Station

Shangrao Railway Station

Shangrao Railway Station

Shangrao Railway Station (上饶站) is at located Lingxi Street, Xinzhou District of Shangrao City in Jiangxi Province (江西省上饶市信州区灵溪街道), which serves as an important railway junction of the Shanghai – Kunming High Speed Railway and Hefei – Fuzhou High Speed Railway. Also, it serves as an transfer point for those going to Huangshan and Wuyuan (in Jiangxi Province) by high speed train. Continue reading

Nanning – Hanoi by Train, Nanning Langdong – Hanoi by Bus

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Nanning Railway Station

You can buy tickets to Hanoi at Nanning Railway Station

Map of Railways

The railways in red & orange are high speed rails (for D or G trains) and the green lines are regular rails for K, T, Z trains.

Nanning – Hanoi Train: T8701/T8702, MR1/MR2

Taking an international train is a popular way to travel between Nanning and Hanoi, and an unique experience as well. The international train service (T8701/T8702, MR1/MR2) between Nanning China and Hanoi Vietname run once a day using Nanning Railway Station and Gia Lam Station in Hanoi. The international train from Nanning to Hanoi (called T8701 from Nanning to Pingxiang in China section, and called MR2 from Dong Dang to Hanoi in Vietname section) leaves at around 18:20 from Nanning Railway Station, calls at Pingxiang Railway Station (凭祥站) at around 22:00, then finally terminates at Gia Lam Station in Hainoi at 05:20 of the following day, journey time 11 hours. From Hainoi to Nanning, the train T8702/MR1 leaves at 21:45 (Vietname Time) from Gia Lam Station, and arrives at Nanning Railway Station at 10:15 of the next day (Beijing Time) with a 2-3 hours stop at Pingxiang. Continue reading

Get to Sanya Phoenix Airport by High Speed Train or Shuttle Bus

Sanya Fenghuang International Airport

Fenghuang Airport Train Station

Fenghuang Airport Train Station (凤凰机场站, Fenghuangjichang Railway Station) is a railway station along the Hainan Western Ring High Speed Railway, close to and serving bullet trains to and from Sanya Fenghuang International Airport. Fenghuang Airport Train Station, which is located 180 meters north of Sanya Airport and 14 kilometers from Sanya urban area, begun its operation on December 30, 2015 and have since been serving as an Airport-Rail-Link, providing passenger rail transport to or from the airport and nearby cities, which allows passengers to take a high speed train to or from cities including Haikou East, Meilan, Qinghai, Sanya, Wenchang, etc. Continue reading

Yujiapu Railway Station

Yujiapu Railway Station is an underground train station that located in north of Yujiapu Financial District in Binhai District of Tianjin City. As one of the four rail transport hubs in Tianjin, Yujiapu Railway Station started operation on September 20 of 2015, and mainly serving the high speed trains (C type) along the Beijing – Tianjin Intercity Railway. From Yujiapu Station, passengers can take a C train to Tianjin Railway Station in 15 minutes, and to Beijing in around 45 minutes. Continue reading

Changsha Railway Station, Changsha Nan, Schedule & Introduction

Train Stations in Changsha, Hunan

Changsha, the provincal capital city of Hunan Province, has two train stations in service for passengers: Changsha Railway Station for ordinary trains and Changsha South Railway Station for high speed trains. As the transport hub in Hunan, Changsha is connected by fast train or slow train with not only regional cities like Zhangjiajie, Hengyang, Huaihua, Zhuzhou, etc, but also major cities within China including Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Guiyang, Guilin, etc. Continue reading

Guangzhou to Fenghuang by Train or Flight + Bus

How to Travel from Guangzhou to Fenghuang

There are no direct trains or flights linking Guangzhou with Fenghuang. Passengers who want to visit Fenghuang from Guangzhou need to make a transfer at Changsha, Zhangjaijie, Huaihua, or Jishou first, then take a bus to Fenghuang Ancient Town (Phoenix Town). Each route has different transport options.

The best route to travel from Guangzhou to Fenghuang are: 1. Take a high speed train from Guangzhou South to Huaihua South, then a bus to Fenghuang, or 2. Take a high speed train from Guangzhou South to Changsha South, then a bus to Fenghuang. You will find bus information at this page: How to get to Fenghuang.

  1. Guangzhou to Fenghuang via Changsha (Train or Flight + Bus)
  2. Guangzhou to Fenghuang via Zhangjiajie (Train or Flight + Bus)
  3. Guangzhou to Fenghuang via Huaihua (Fast or Slow Train + Bus)

How far: the distance between Guangzhou and Fenghuang is around 1180 km. Which Province: Guangzhou is in Guangdong Province, Fenghuang is in Hunan Province. Continue reading

Taking a Bus from Changsha: West, Lituo, Changzhutan Station

Bus Stations in Changsha, Hunan Province

Changsha, as the capital city of Hunan Province, has the well-developed bus stations and route network. Amongst the stations, Changsha West Bus Station, ChangZhuTan Bus Station, Changsha South Bus Station, Changsha East Bus Station, and Lituo Bus Station are the most used stations in Changsha. You’d better not get mixed on them. Continue reading