Turpan North Railway Station

tulufan bei

The city of Turpan (吐鲁番市) also known as Turfan or Tulufan in Xinjiang has two railway stations: one is the newly-built high speed train station called Turpan North Railway Station (or Turpan Bei Train Station, Tulufan Bei Railway Station, 吐鲁番北站), while the other one is the old station for nomal trains called Turpan Railway Station (吐鲁番站).


Turpan North Railway Station is located in Gaochang District, northwest of Turpan City, about 15 kilometers from the city center and very close to the Turpan Jiaohe Airport (吐鲁番交河机场). The station is a intermediate station on the Lanzhou – Xinjiang High Speed Railway, and starts operation on December 26, 2014.

Arriving at Turpan by Train via Turpan North

Turpan North has daily high speed train service (D trains travelling at 200 km/h) to or from Urumqi South, Hami, Lanzhou West, Xining, Zhangye West, Haidong West, etc. It also has Z trains to and from Jinan (Z106) and Shanghai (Z42).

Local Transport to Turpan North

Passengers can take the Bus 202 (get down at the Turpan North Bus Station, 吐鲁番北站) to get to the Turpan Station, and it will cost you 1 yuan per person and take 1 hour. Besides, passengers can also take a taxi to Turpan North Station (20 minutes and 25 yuan). Refer to this article Day Trip to Turpan – in Xinjiang – on High Speed Rail

Check Live Train Times for Trains from Turpan or Turpan Bei

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