Huangshan West Train Station: Huangshanxi New High Speed Station

 Huangshan West Railway Station

  • Station name: Huangshan West Station (HuangshanXi)
  • Location: Huangshan District of Huangshan City
  • Opening date: 4th Q of 2023
Huangshan West Railway Station is an intermediate station along the Chizhou – Huangshan High Speed Railway. It located in Huangshan District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, and situated 4 km from the city center, 15 km from the west gate of Huangshan Scenic Area, 14 km from the north gate of Huangshan Scenic Area, and 15 kilometers from Tai Ping Lake Scenic Area.
Once Huangshan West Station starts operating, tourists will be able to directly access the mountain through the north gate of Huangshan Scenic Area. Compared to the traditional route from Huangshan North Station to the south gate, going from Huangshan West Station to the Huangshan Mountain through the north gate can save at least forty minutes.

Chizhou – Huangshan High Speed Railway

The Chizhou-Huangshan High-Speed Railway runs from Chizhou Station in Anhui Province to Huangshan North Station, with a total length of 125.1 kilometers and a designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour. The railway has five stations along the line, including Chizhou Station, Jiuhuashan Station (for Jiuhuashan Mountain), Huangshanxi Station (Huangshan West Station), Yixian East Station and Huangshan North Station (Huangshanbei).

High Speed Trains to Huangshan West

Huangshan City will have 3 train stations after Huangshan West Station starts operation: Huangshan Railway Station for ordinary trains, Huangshan North (Huangshanbei) and Huangshan West (Huangshanxi) are only used for high speed trains. Below are the bullet trains to Huangshan from major cities across China.

Train Type Departure Station Arrival Station Frequency Duration Fares
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C G D Shanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai Station Huangshan North 14 2h50 ¥191
D G Suzhou North, Suzhou Station Huangshan North 4 3h15 ¥229
D G Wuxi East, Wuxi Station Huangshan North 4 3h25 ¥242
D G Beijing South Huangshan North 8 6h30 ¥583.5
D G C Hangzhou East, Hangzhou West, Hangzhou Station Huangshan North 26 1h40 ¥102.5
D G Nanjing South Huangshan North 5 2h35 ¥326
D G C Nanchang West Huangshan North 21 32m ¥141.5
D G Hefei, Hefei South Huangshan North 15 1.5h ¥92
D G Wuyuan Huangshan North 21 24m ¥35
D G Jingdezhen North Huangshan North 5 1h15 ¥47.5
D G Shenzhen North Huangshan North 3 8h06 ¥548
D G Shangrao Huangshan North 22 50m ¥74.5
D G Qiandaohu, Qiandao Lake Huangshan North 23 42m ¥48
D G Changsha South Huangshan North 2 4h15 ¥331
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