Hangzhou Airport – City Center by Metro & to Yiwu by Train

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How to Get to Hangzhou Airport

  • Hangzhou Airport:www.hzairport.com/en (English)
  • Airport name: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport (杭州萧山机场)
  • Airport IATA Code: HGH
  • Hangzhou metro: www.hzmetro.com (Chinese)


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Hangzhou Airport by Metro Line 1 & 7

It has been possible to get to or from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) by metro as phrase 3 extension of Hangzhou Metro Line 1 and the new Line 7 entered service on December 30 of 2020.

West Lake – Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport

Longxiangqiao Station (龙翔桥站) on metro Line 1 is the nearest metro stop from the West Lake Scenic Spot with just a distance of 200-300 meters.

From West Lake to Hangzhou Airport: Just walk from West Lake to Longxiangqiao Station (龙翔桥站) in east of the lake to take metro Line 1 to Xiaoshan International Airport. The duration takes about 1h07m and the ticket price is 8 yuan per person.

Train Stations to Hangzhou Airport

Hangzhou East Railway Station to Xiaoshan Airport

Hangzhou East Railway Station (Hangzhoudong) located in west of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is the major high speed train station serving Hangzhou City, and it is linked to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport directly by metro Line 1. It takes about 55 minutes from East Railway Station (metro stop 火车东站) to Xiaoshan International Airport (metro stop 萧山国际机场) and ticket fare is CNY7.

Hangzhou South Railway Station to Xiaoshan Airport

Take metro Line 5 from South Railway Station (metro stop 火车南站) to People’s Square (人民广场) and change to Line 2 to Jianshesan Road (建设三路), then change again to Line 7 until Xiaoshan International Airport (萧山机场). The total journey time takes about 53 minutes and the fare is about CNY7.

Hangzhou Railway Station to Xiaoshan Airport

Take metro Line 1 from Chengzhan (metro stop serving Hangzhou Railway Station 城站) to Jiangling Road, and transfer to Line 6 and alight at Olympic Sports Center (metro stop 奥体中心), then change to Line 7 until getting to Xiaoshan International Airport. The travel time is about 1 hour and ticket fare is 7 yuan per person.

Yiwu – Hangzhou Airport by Train & Metro

If you want to travel from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport to Yiwu, or from Yiwu to Hangzhou Airport, you can choose to travel by high speed train plus metro service, which is the fastest also best way. There are about 90 high speed trains running between Hangzhou and Yiwu, most of them are using Hangzhou East Railway Station and Yiwu Railway Station (see Shanghai to Yiwu train) .

From Yiwu to Hangzhou Airport: Take a high speed train from Yiwu Railway Station to Hangzhou East Railway Station (90 trains daily, from CNY50, 30-40 minutes), then take metro Line 1 from East Railway Station (metro stop 火车东站) to Xiaoshan International Airport (metro stop 萧山国际机场). The journey time by metro is 55 minutes and ticket fare is CNY7.

From Hangzhou Airport to Yiwu: Take metro line 1 from Xiaoshan International Airport to Hangzhou East Railway Station (Hangzhoudong), then connected to a high speed train to Yiwu Railway Station with a journey time of just 30-40 minutes.

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