How to Travel from Hong Kong to Chongqing: by Bullet Train

Hong Kong – Chongqing by High Speed Train

Hong Kong is a special administrative region in South China, and Chongqing is a municipality in Southwest China. The distance between them is about 1465 kilometers.

Currently, there are no direct high speed trains running between Hong Kong and Chongqing until the third quarter of 2018 when Hong Kong’s high speed train station West Kowloon Station opens. Now passengers have to make transfer at Shenzhen and Guangzhou (Route: Hong Kong – Shenzhen North – Guangzhou South – Chongqing West).

Below explains how to travel by bullet train from Hong Kong to Chongqing via Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Here are the short summary:

Map of Railways

Step 1: Hong Kong – Shenzhen North by MTR & Metro

From Hong Kong to Shenzhen: You can travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen North Railway Station by MTR service & Shenzhen metro. Just take East Rail Line MTR service to Lok Ma Chau station first, then pass the border and walk to Futian Checkpoint station at Shenzhen side to catch metro line 4 to Shenzhen North Railway Station, where there are direct high speed trains to Guangzhou or Chongqing (Don’t take the Shenzhen-Chongqing direct bullet train G1314, below explains why).

From Shenzhen to Hong Kong: Just do as explained above in the opposite direction.

Step 2: Shenzhen North – Guangzhou South – Chongqing West  by Bullet Train

Though there is one daily high speed trains G1312 from Shenzhen North to Chongqing North OR G1314 from Chongqing North to Shenzhen North. I don’t recommend you to take this direct bullet train because it runs on a longer route, which takes you nearly 12 hours.

I will advise you to travel on this route Shenzhen NorthGuangzhou SouthChongqing West by making a transfer, which saves you a lot of time and money. Remember to allow 30-50 minutes for making the connection at Guangzhou South.

Guangzhou – Chongqing high speed trains (19 daily)
Train Type From – To Frequency 1st-Last Duration Ticket Fares (CNY)
1st Cls 2nd Cls Biz Cls
D train Guangzhou South – Chongqing West 18 7.5h 521.5 392.5
G train Guangzhou South – Chongqing West 1 12h 1048 720 2232
For a live schedule & ticket availability, please refer to

From Shenzhen to Chongqing via Guangzhou: Just catch one of the frequently high speed trains from Shenzhen North Station to Guangzhou South Station, taking around 30-40 minutes. Then hop on a connecting high speed train to Chongqing West Station. There are 19 D and G type high speed trains running between Guangzhou South and Chongqing West. But don’t take the G train as it runs on another route, which requires more journey time. Just take the D train to Chongqing West, journey time 7.5 hours & cost from CNY392.5.

From Chongqing to Shenzhen via Guangzhou: Take a D type high speed train from Chongqing West Station to Guangzhou South first, then a connecting high speed train to Shenzhen North. From Shenzhen North, you can take metro line 4 to Futian Checkpoint station, and pass border and walk into Lok Ma Chau station to take MTR to Hong Kong.

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