Quanzhou Railway Station: High Speed Train Station


Quanzhou is a coastal city in Fujian Province, China. It is well known for its history, culture, and enjoys a proximity to Xiamen and Fuzhou cities. It is a major transportation hub in the city, providing convenient train connections to cities in Fujian Province including Fuzhou, Ximaen, Ningde, Putian, Zhangzhou, Nanping, Xiapu, etc, as well as train connections to Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Ningbo, etc.  In this article, you will learn useful guide on Quanzhou Train Station.

High Speed Railway & Station Map of Quanzhou

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Train Schedule

Quanzhou Railway Station has a wide range of train connections to different parts of China. Below you can learn the major trains to or from major cities aross China and trains to cities within Fujian Province.

Train Type Depart Station Arrive Station Duration Frequency Fares
G D train Quanzhou Xiamen North 35 mins Every 30 mins CNY 26
G D train Quanzhou Fuzhou South 60 mins Every 20 mins CNY 54
G D train Quanzhou Fuzhou 2 hours Every 20 mins CNY 62.5
G D train Quanzhou Putian 45 mins Every 20 mins CNY 26
G D train Quanzhou Shenzhen North 4 hours 3.5-4h CNY 253
G D train Quanzhou Hong Kong 4h04 Daily CNY 226
G D train Quanzhou Guangzhou East 5 hours 5 daily CNY 335
G D train Quanzhou Shanghai Hongqiao 7.5 hours 15 daily CNY 384
G D train Quanzhou Hangzhou East 6 hours 26 daily CNY 367
For a live schedule & ticket availability, please refer to www.chinahighlights.com

Quanzhou – Xiamen by train

The train journey from Quanzhou to Xiamen is a popular route for travelers. There are frequent high-speed trains departing from Quanzhou Railway Station to Xiamen, most of them are arriving at Xiamen North Railway Station (Xiamenbei), and 26 trains are arriving at the centrally-loated Xiamen Railway Station. The travel time is about 25- 40 minutes.

Quanzhou – Fuzhou by train

Fuzhou is a provinccal capital city in Fujian Province, that is well-connected by high speed trains from Quanzhou. High-speed trains from Quanzhou Railway Station to Fuzhou Railway Station ro Fuzhou South Railway Station (Fuzhounan) depart every 20 – 30  minutes, with a travel time of only 1-1.5 hours.

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Getting to Quanzhou Railway Station

Quanzhou Railway Station is located in Fengze District of Quanzhou City and easily accessible by public transportation. If you’re taking a taxi, just tell the driver the name of the station in Chinese (泉州站). If you prefer to take the bus, you can take buses No. 2, 3, 17, 22, 33, 39, 45, 201, 202, etc, and get off at the Quanzhou Railway Station bus stop.

How to buy train tickets in Quanzhou Railway Station

You can either purchase tickets at the train stations in Quanzhou, be it Quanzhou Railway Station or Quanzhou East Station, even you can buy tickets online.

If you prefer to purchase tickets at the station, there are ticket counters located at the entrance hall of the Quanzhou Train station.

If you want to purchase tickets online, you can buy direct with the official 12306 China Railway www.12306.cn  or with a online ticket agent: www.chinahighlights.com. However, be sure to have your passport or Chinese ID card with you for ticket purchase and boarding.

Train Stations in Quanzhou

Apart from Quanzhou Railway Station, there is the other train station in Quanzhou, Quanzhou East Railway Station (Quanzhoudong), which has been shut down service in January of 2023 as it is undergoing refurbishment .

Quanzhou Airport to Quanzhou Railway Station

Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport is located about 11 km away from Quanzhou Railway Station. You can take the public bus K602 to Quanzhou Railway Station, which runs every half a hour and takes about 80-100 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a taxi, which takes about 20 minutes, but it may cost more than taking the shuttle bus.

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