Beijing – Hong Kong high speed sleeper train

High Speed Sleeper Train

China Railway has newly launched an overnight high-speed train connecting Hong Kong to Beijing or from Beijing to Hong Kong. This service, which began on June 15, 2024, is good for travelers looking to explore China’s capital while maximizing their time and comfort.

This overnight hgih speed sleeper train means you can leave Hong Kong in the evening and wake up in Beijing the next morning, ready to start your day of sightseeing or business meetings.

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Here’s what you need to know about this exciting new service:

Schedule and Frequency

The overnight trains operate four times a week, from Friday to Monday. Here’s the current schedule:

G910 from HK West Kowloon

– Departing Hong Kong West Kowloon: 18:24
– Arriving Beijing West: 06:53 (next day)

Check real-time schedule at: or

G909 from Beijing West to HK West Kowloon

For those planning a return trip:
– Departing Beijing West: 20:13
– Arriving Hong Kong West Kowloon: 08:47 (next day)

Booking and Ticket Classes

Foreign tourists can purchase tickets through the official 12306 website or app, at station ticket counters, or through authorized travel agents.
The train offers three classes of travel:
1. EMU Deluxe Sleeper: A twin room with a bunk bed, wardrobe, sofa, and kettle.
2. EMU Sleeper: A quadruple room with two bunk beds, a small table, and shared kettle.
3. Second Class: Standard seating (not recommended for overnight travel).

On-Board Experience

The train is modern and clean, with various amenities to make your overnight journey pleasant. There’s a dining car where you can grab a meal, though I recommend bringing some snacks as food supplies can be limited.Each sleeper cabin is equipped with power sock.

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